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10 essential tasks of an SEO agency

One of the main reasons a business engages in an SEO service is to increase their business through search engine rankings. And, before choosing them, you must confirm that they are capable of providing you with the best SEO services in Australia. Depending on the extent of their contract with their client, they should be able to perform a variety of tasks.

We have listed ten tasks below that an experienced SEO company in Australia should be able to accomplish.

Look at it from an SEO perspective

Unless you’ve deliberately narrowed the scope of your agency’s contract, you should expect the agency to have an SEO perspective on any issue you pose or the task you’ve been given. If the question is difficult, employees may need more time to prepare a written response, but they should not refuse the request. Plus, you shouldn’t have to wait for a regular meeting to have a quick chat or get quick answers.

Work as a team and respond to emergencies

In a crisis, you and the chosen SEO company must constantly be on the same page. Especially if your business or product is struggling. With the developing and rapidly changing environment, they should be able to redefine their priorities and ensure that the company’s reputation is protected. Likewise, if you are forced to stop all your business activities due to a crisis, they should be able to work accordingly.

Study keyword topics

SEO relies in part on contextual relevance. But what is the relevance? Keyword research identifies the topics your material must have to be relevant to search engines. This research will also help shape your company’s content strategy, action prioritization, and risk assessments.

Define your SEO goals and plan

When it comes to creating growth goals, it is difficult to determine what is achievable. The company should have a process in place to help you set solid and fair goals. The agency should be able to design a strategy for the coming year based on these goals, site condition, planned changes, and organic search performance.

Make a content strategy recommendation

Your content strategy has a significant impact on your organic search performance. Your SEO department may not be in charge of creating content for your website, but they must have strong opinions on the strategy. Based on natural search visitor behavior, search trends, and your site design, agency staff should generate new content ideas. The agency should also have a say in how this material is designed and developed to ensure it is as beneficial to organic search performance as possible.

Provide a performance report

However closely you work with your agency, your agency should report monthly on what was proposed and executed, the impact of the suggestion, and plans for the following month. This is a good deliverable for your management to demonstrate progress, as well as an essential timeline of events.

Keep track of tools for webmasters

Google Search Console provides lots of information about your websites, such as errors, crawl data, impressions, traffic, and rankings. All of these should be checked regularly by an agency. When a review is received from one of the engines through Webmaster Tools, your agency should investigate and report to you.

Regularly audit your website

Sites are growing. Search engines are improving. Your organization should regularly audit your website to review changes and fix any issues that arise. They should use the audit to create an action plan and deliverables that will help your SEO program move forward. According to the new fashion of auditing, your web page should convey branding messages through its content. It has to follow the checkpoints that are there in the branding methods strategies.

Solve technological difficulties

An SEO company must identify and resolve technical issues affecting crawling, indexing, relevance, and authority. Once the problem has been identified, the agency must clearly explain it and the solution. You shouldn’t expect your SEO pros to know how to fix code or technical difficulties, but they should work with developers to achieve the desired result. After that, the agency must test the repair before and after its release.

Optimize every page

Finally, your SEO service provider should optimize your website. When optimizing manually, your agency should focus on pages with the greatest potential for revenue growth. Instead of focusing on individual pages, it would be more useful to create scalable content, like programmatically improving title tags. Therefore, for faster results, your SEO agency should promote automation first.

With so many options available, choosing the best SEO agency can be difficult. Be sure to interview each organization to determine how effectively you can collaborate with them.

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