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3 tips for choosing the right SEO agency

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Launching a startup website is the necessary first step in solving the visibility puzzle. Almost every business these days is emphasizing the online aspect of business, it is becoming more and more competitive to have a new brand in front of as many eyes as possible.

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According to imFORZA, 93% of online experiences start with a search. Therefore, omitting search engine optimization (SEO) from the marketing mix is ​​simply not an option. When a strategy is executed correctly, it can work like magic to deliver opportunities that might not have presented themselves otherwise. That’s why it’s crucial for start-ups to invest in SEO early to get the process started.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when choosing an agency.

1. Evaluate the portfolio before reaching out.

If you check out an SEO agency’s website, you’ll most likely find a number of case studies or a list of companies they’ve worked with in the past. Even though there are some reasons some clients stay private, many have no problem putting their link on an agency’s website. After all, it’s free advertising. But, if there’s no client list or indication that they’ve worked with actual companies, that’s a potential red flag.

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Reviewing an agency’s portfolio helps you understand the types of businesses it serves. Look for models related to your niche. For example, if you are a law firm and you see that the agency has worked with a number of other firms, it shows that they have experience in your industry and know what it takes to achieve successful results. Conversely, if they have a portfolio that spans a wide range of industries, that’s a good sign that they’re a versatile agency and can easily adapt.

2. Examine and develop your goals.

Once you’ve identified a number of potential agencies, you should write a firm directive before making contact. What exactly do you want an SEO strategy to accomplish? Typically, these goals can be to increase exposure, increase leads, or get more conversions.

While they’re great, you need to take it a step further and provide tangible numbers that define success. For example, how many unique visitors per month are you aiming for? What is the exact number that will justify your return on investment?

“The key to getting the best results is promoting client-agency transparency in terms of goals,” says Eddie Madan, CEO of EdKent Media. is on the same page from start to finish.

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Keep in mind that SEO is not an area where you typically see results overnight. In most cases, this is a slow process that requires constant effort. As important as your overall goals are, you need to have a clear roadmap built with reasonable KPIs to judge your success rate. Without it, an SEO agency will have a much harder time helping you.

3. Do a background check.

When you look at the testimonials on an agency’s website, these are probably the most notable success stories. While these are always good for reference, you need more to judge a company.

The stories you want to hear are from the average customer. What was their experience with the company? If you can, try to join at least three companies that have used the agency’s services. In addition to asking about end results, you’ll want to get an idea of ​​day-to-day interactions.

Ask for their honest testimonials: were they good at communicating? Did they keep their promises? Did you feel like a priority? Also check out the Better Business Bureau agency to see if it has a good reputation.

Choosing an SEO team is similar to hiring a new employee. You should consider third-party reviews to get a better idea of ​​whether it might be right for you.

Don’t fall in love.

Choosing a company to do your online marketing is an extremely important task. As many experts will tell you, search engines are constantly changing and you have to be careful to stay on top of the trends.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to fall in love. The last thing you want to do is take the leap and choose an SEO agency that ends up wasting your time and money. As a startup, you place a lot of trust in the person you choose. Don’t agree to work with the first person you talk to. Be picky!