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5 great YouTube channels to follow to learn SEO

SEO can be a difficult subject to master. But what better way to learn than from the SEO experts themselves? If you are looking to improve your SEO game, there are a few high quality YouTube channels you should subscribe to today. Regardless of your level of expertise, these YouTube channels are guaranteed to help you learn a thing or two about SEO.

5 YouTube channels that will help you learn SEO

Neil patel

Industry leader Neil Patel is digging deeper into SEO on his channel, giving you an abundance of safe and white hat practices that are sure to improve your rankings. Patel’s “How To” video collection is perfect for all skill levels. The best part about Patel’s videos is that the majority of them are around 5 minutes long. You can learn easy-to-implement tips and tricks in just a few minutes.

Eric Enge

As a member of the SEO community, you should familiarize yourself with Eric Enge, co-author of The art of SEO, also known as the “SEO Bible”. Enge’s YouTube channel has a huge collection of educational and comedic videos. In its “Digital Marketing Class”, Enge offers top-notch suggestions, best practices and tutorials you can’t miss. If you are looking to learn from an SEO master himself, definitely check out this channel.


Ahrefs’ YouTube channel has actionable SEO tutorials that will show you how to increase your organic search traffic and get higher rankings. They have several in-depth SEO videos that are perfect for beginners. I highly recommend their keyword related tutorials. They also have a great selection of SEO tool comparison videos. These videos can help novice SEOs select the best tools for their needs without wasting time and money trying out each tool.


Moz provides a plethora of useful SEO information and advice in their Moz Daily SEO Patch and Whiteboard friday YouTube series. Each of their videos contains helpful resources that educate viewers about inbound marketing and SEO for business owners. You’ll learn the ins and outs of SEO from some of the biggest names in inbound marketing and gain insight into popular Moz tools.

Hack my growth

SMA Marketing’s Hack My Growth channel offers advice and strategies that our agency uses on a daily basis. Our channel features the latest trends in SEO, inbound, content marketing, data, analytics, and more. You will learn proven tactics to increase your website’s organic visibility and maximize your exposure. You will even have the chance to see some of our agency’s favorite SEO tools.

Give your SEO skills a boost

Implementing a solid, high-quality SEO strategy is not only good for your brand and marketing efforts, but it is also essential for your web presence, especially in competitive markets. Whether you are new to the field or see yourself as an expert, staying on top of industry best practices is crucial for SEO success. Stay on trend with these YouTube channels.