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Are online sales looking sick? Get an SEO Health Check –

Source: Unsplash / Paul Hanaoka.

During COVID-19, the search engine became extremely important to businesses that sell – this is the inspiration for 43% of online shoppers in Australia. At the same time, Google’s search algorithm is constantly being updated, and e-commerce companies that have neglected search engine optimization (SEO) risk losing ground to their competition.

This means that instead of ranking high for a key product or service, business leaders could find their brand positioned beyond page two of Google search results, making it almost “invisible” to the user. 9.2 million Australian households who shop online.

Searching for what you need using Google is now almost instinctive and most people think the search engine is just doing its job and there is nothing you can do about it.

But by understanding the motivations behind customer research intentions, businesses can gain traction and a few simple treatments can improve sales health.

Reach pole position for research

Ecommerce continues to grow in Australia, but if businesses are finding that online sales are stagnating and products are not performing as well as they should, they should consider optimizing their search.

Not being optimized is very common and it may not have been a priority amid the ongoing blockages, with the rapid rise of digital transformation and the primacy of supply chains, delivery lines and the world. user experience online.

Before the pandemic, there were perhaps only a handful of companies specializing in selling, for example, headphones online. But with e-commerce being the only way to trade during the lockdowns, search engines may have found that the number of search results has increased by 20 times.

This means that there is a lot more competition than before, so Google must find the best place to direct the searcher and it searches for the company that is the authority over headphones.

Yes, if you buy ad space you will appear at the top of Google. But you don’t necessarily have to go that route with a carefully planned SEO strategy.

SEO is all about understanding your customer’s search intent and improving the visibility of your business website being positioned and found in the right way to capture customers.

Business leaders generally understand the importance of search traffic, but may be unaware of the tools available for the optimization part of the equation.

Keyword stuffing is stuffed

Previously, people could build a really bad website but load it with the right keywords.

At first it worked and these pages were getting good ranking results on Google. This has become known as one of many “black hat” SEO practices where agencies or businesses have tried to take advantage of how the search engine works.

Nowadays, you can still use this tactic, but Google has enough intelligence in its algorithm to know when you do it and, more importantly, penalize you for it by lowering or removing the website from its search results. .

For today’s search engine, content is king. Keywords are still important, but only when incorporated into high quality content that attracts people and keeps them engaged.

In the eyes of Google, a brand is considered an expert when it can demonstrate its relevance to meet a customer’s search intent. This is when your business becomes relevant in the search world.

Understanding what people are looking for and knowing how to answer or resolve their questions is a critical factor in SEO success. Google rewards websites that produce content (word, video, audio) that website visitors take the time to digest.

Google’s algorithm looks at over 200 different variables – the problem for most of us is that no one outside of Google really knows how this algorithm works with these variables.

However, there are approaches that allow you to better educate yourself on what you need to do to optimize your search. And it starts with understanding how you rank today and what drives traffic to your digital channel.

With 2022 fast approaching, resolve to check the SEO health of your business.

It might just be the tonic your online sales need to have a great New Year.