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Are you going international? Here’s what you need to know for your Glocal SEO

Always keep in mind that how you leverage channels and different content formats can need of change when you go international. Again: marketing wisdom from home may not be applicable abroad.

Even how to pitch a blog post to your audiences depends on their preferences: do you cater to a market that requires a lot of visual support?

If so, do they prefer to connect via photos of people they can identify with, for example – or do they prefer the logical support of diagrams? What are their cultural implications of certain colors?

Do they need information presented in a very “digestible” way shapes such as catchy points or do you need to provide in-depth reasoning to gain their trust?

Are they rooted in a competitive society that always strikes for the honor of efficiencying Top 10/Five/Three lists?

Do they easily relate to information when brought in personally, via interview? Which tone do they prefer: rather formal? Or do you blend in more naturally with an informal approach?

Glocal SEO means treating each region and each audience as unique.

Localization experts can help you understand how audiences interact with different channels and formats in your target locations, even when there are cultural differences and different digital marketing frameworks to consider. That’s why you need localization experts, not just translators.

Glocal SEO needs both: technology and local expertise

All Related questions can be answered with data; but it takes expertise to filter out what is relevant, interpret it correctly and convert the results in successful local content.

It takes the right technology; Semrush is just one example. BBut make no mistake: no technology is smarter than the person using it.. Jthis is where real experts can shine.

Thanks to their knowledge of the local culture, they will be able to:

  • Find the information that matters to your needs.
  • Validate the data on your target market and interpret it correctly.
  • Enrich it and predict future trends.

If your product line is very specialized, make sure your local SEO specialist knows your product line too! The same goes for local linguists who will recreate your content for each respective market.

Why Glocal SEO needs a say in your technical approach

Same technical approaches differ by region. In some Asian markets, for example, you can instead swap your website completely for microsites, integrated with the applications from the main local portals.

Other locales require your own applications; often as a complementary option, sometimes rather as an alternative. It all depends on the individual combination of your sociological target group, its location and your product.

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