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Brighton’s SEO agency is the trader of the week

Trader of the week today is Tom Clark, 32, who runs Convert Digital in Old Steine, Brighton.

I run Convert Digital, a Brighton-based SEO agency. We help businesses attract customers from Google search. We mainly focused on e-commerce businesses, although we also serve service businesses.

How many in your team and who are they?

My team consists of myself as the SEO chief and director, and there are two senior SEO consultants, Mike Essex and Paul Gordon. There is also an extensive team that supports us in content creation and web development.

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How long have you been going there?

I started the business in 2013.

How did the idea for?

In college, I had a plan to create something that we could do after college. My idea was for a site to teach guitar online and I got very curious about how to get the website to rank on Google for certain words – keywords. This opened doors for me as I became proficient enough to rank this website and was offered internships at Brighton web agencies. After two years in a web agency, I decided to become independent. After quickly realizing that the demand for SEO was high, I had to develop a team unless I was willing to turn down work.

How did you cope / adapt during the pandemic?

The pandemic was very difficult for us at first, as our customers were unsure whether to put everything on hold or try to maximize their visibility during this time.

Many service companies temporarily suspended their projects with us, before restarting several months later. E-commerce customers have had a very different experience. We went to great lengths to help e-commerce customers rank higher because we knew the buying behavior was changing before our eyes. Everyone was spending more online and we continue to do so, so it was just a matter of increasing the visibility of each of their websites on Google. With the increase in rankings and changes in online shopping volume, we have seen some customers achieve a 280% increase in their revenue. Our main adaptation has been to understand that during pandemics, having more service-based customers than e-commerce is risky.

We also understood how flexible we need to be with certain clients to help them get back on their feet and be ready to be visible on Google when their doors reopen. The pandemic has also shown me the importance of further diversifying my sources of income and of not relying solely on a service model that can be negatively affected depending on the situation of your customers. I started building my own websites in partnership with Sean Carroll from Vixen Digital. Our first creation was EMF Solutions, a website aimed at raising awareness of radiation from everyday objects around us. We’ve also created Travel Bristol, a travel blog that helps locals and travelers get the most out of the city. These projects are also a great way to showcase our skills and illustrate points to our clients. This is just the start, but we plan to sell the websites over the next couple of years.



What would you like to tell people about your business?

My business really started from nothing and I like to think that we have helped many businesses in Brighton achieve their goals.

What are your plans / hopes for the future?

Hope to see my business continue to provide SEO services and further develop as an online publisher with multiple websites. I want to see some of our old loyal customers such as Drusillas Park reopen with the great success they deserve.

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