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Building a People-Focused SEO Agency Reddico | Open mic

Reddico was recently named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces (Small Organizations) for the third year in a row and the Best Agency to Work for (under 50 people) in the Top Company Culture Awards.

Culture hasn’t always been in the spotlight, but in 2017 a manifesto began to take shape – a vision of what a better Reddico could look like. Led by company directors following feedback from the team, it was clear that a change was needed.

Originally presented in early 2018, our manifesto was a combination of themes and ideas from some of the world’s most progressive organizations, inspired by books such as Maverick, The Happy Manifesto and The Great Game of Business, as well as visionary Daniel Pink.

With a planned deployment over 9 months, these six areas included:

1. Work ownership and give people more control over their work and how they set goals.

2. Remove the levels of management, control and approval.

3. Fully trust the team to choose when, where and how they work – with the principle that everyone is different and knows when to work best.

4. Become more transparent as an agency – share financial and sensitive information.

5. Change our recruitment methods, to bring in people who share our values ​​and could work in a “new” Reddico.

6. A commitment to better support our local community – through donations, volunteering and other opportunities.

And with that, Reddico started to change for the better.

Armed with confidence, freedom and responsibility, the shackles of the team were lifted – people could do their best work in a way that suited them, and knowing that they were being treated like the adults they are. .

Much of it was trial and error – while our inspiration came from successful companies, we had yet to find an example where one company had combined it all.

As a result, some things have worked very well. Some things needed to be tweaked. But throughout the process, the team was included every step of the way – it was a transition that everyone bought into and supported.

Today, three fundamental values ​​inform and underpin all of our decisions:

We start with trust

We have the mentality of believing the best in people, and that our team will do the right thing. We communicate, we collaborate, we do what we say, and we give each other tough, honest feedback.

We support and inspire each other

We are a team. We support each other and ask for help when we need it. We share our knowledge, inspire and put others before ourselves.

We take responsibility

We don’t shy away from our responsibilities, but we take ownership and deliver amazing results. We are responsible for our own management and growth. We hold ourselves accountable and learn from our mistakes. It’s not about breaking boundaries for fun and you have to adapt and change things as you grow older. Over the past 12 months, we’ve started talking more about self-management and our belief that self-managed teams can come together to create a better, more efficient, and more efficient business.

But that’s not good for everyone – that’s okay. Self-management presents challenges, and some people prefer the traditional structure and setup that businesses have used for hundreds of years. But for us, we see this as the future.

Join us

If you love what you’ve read and want to be a part of Reddico’s journey as we redefine workplace culture, break down boundaries and create a great place to work, we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about how things work including some of our unique perks and perks and apply for open positions at – we’re always looking for brilliant people.