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Business growth prompts relocation of SEO and Biz Hub to Roswell community

ATLANTE, February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SEO and Business Center has become one of the leading companies specializing in a wide range of services related to digital marketing for many years. The company began nearly ten years ago under the able leadership of Patricia L. Johnson, who is African American and is internationally known for her superb marketing skills. The initial goal was to help small businesses and startups gain the right visibility and put forward the right image online. However, over time, the company managed to establish itself more solidly and firmly, which allowed it to expand its services to larger companies.

A senior company spokesperson reportedly said, “We’re happy with how far we’ve come, but we’re not looking to become complacent. We want our services to actually help businesses break the online bubble, stay afloat and thrive. That’s why we take every project very seriously and our marketing and reputation management services have been on point.”

The company recently partnered with 360 Design Center, a company specializing in custom clothing printing, which is another reason for the relocation. Design Hub 360 Custom T-Shirts & Apparel is also located in the Roswell, Georgia Community. “So even companies looking to have custom t-shirts or designer apparel created for their employees or for special occasions will benefit from our association. We want to help small and medium-sized businesses grow to the maximum.” Johnson said.

The company prides itself on the type of research it does and the effort it puts into helping businesses increase sales on their websites, web design and carrying out advertising campaigns for clients. And that effort has recently paid off. Top SEO’s, a popular website that reports on digital marketing companies, recently featured SEO & Biz Hub on their website as one of the best PPC companies in Georgia. Biz Hub is excited to start doing business in a brand new neighborhood and can’t wait to have several new customers on board.

SEO & Biz Hub’s new address is 760 Old Roswell Rd, STE 242, Roswell, Georgia 30076

About SEO & Biz Hub

SEO & Biz Hub, a digital marketing company, specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), website design, obituary websites and reputation management services, targeting small and medium sized businesses businesses. The company helps struggling online businesses and startups that depend on online marketing to generate sales, leads and new customers.

The company was founded by Pat L Johnsonthe CEO whose previous experience was running digital media campaigns for artists and small businesses.

SEO & Biz Hub provides marketing strategies to businesses from Atlanta and the metropolitan area, as well as customers nationwide, for many years.


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