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Chicago Legal Marketing Firm BSP Legal Marketing Discuss the Importance of SEO in Law Firm Marketing

Chicago Legal Marketing Firm BSP Legal Marketing publishes a new article ( explaining the importance of SEO in business marketing. Viktoria Altman, the founder of the marketing firm, says competition among attorneys in Chicago can be intense. Expanding a lawyer’s practice means that he must give more visibility to his law firm.

“In today’s technology-driven society, much of that exposure will come via a Google search. As millennials age, older generations become more computer-savvy, mainstream media recedes , Search Engine Optimization Is Your Competitive Advantage,” the article from Chicago Legal Marketing Firm said.

The marketing firm’s Viktoria Altman adds that according to the National Law Review, 96% of people seeking legal advice are most likely to use a search engine. 74% of that number will go to a company’s website for further action. Good search engine optimization will help propel a lawyer’s potential clients to the website.

Search engine optimization refers to a series of highly technical numerical methods that will allow a search engine to find an individual’s business. The search engine will then understand the location and relevance of the business to its users. User relevance is the number one factor in how Google will rank the website.

SEO is a technique with long-term goals. It builds on itself and allows potential clients of a law firm to search online. Good legal search engine optimization marketing can help drive more clients to the doors of a law firm that paid advertising may not be able to do.

“Most lawyers understand the marketing of paid law firms. Before the explosion of internet marketing, paid advertisements were used to find your clients. And of course, paid advertising is still a place. Paid ads paired with law firm organic search engine optimization are a great way to make your marketing work toward long-term, immediate goals,” adds Ms. Altman.

BSP Legal Marketing has a team of professionals who may be able to help a client build their law firm’s online presence. It’s important to seek the help of an experienced legal marketing firm, no matter if a lawyer is just starting out.

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