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CHKMe organic SEO agency helps local businesses thrive in pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO, November 9, 2020 / PRNewswire / – As businesses suffer from pandemic-related shutdowns, many local businesses are turning to online marketing to attract new customers and stay afloat.

Digital marketing has always been expensive and complicated, and local businesses have struggled to fit it into their budget. This has left many people wondering how they can stay competitive in today’s “online-only” economy.

CHKMe Organic SEO Service Agency provides local business owners with affordable and effective digital marketing services such as website design, online advertising, social media outreach and search engine optimization to help small businesses businesses to survive and thrive during the pandemic.

According to a digital marketing study, there is an expected 66% increase in social media content creation during the pandemic, followed by blogging content at 57% and video production at 50%. As traditional marketing and advertising spend decreases, so does digital marketing and advertising spend.

Digital marketing, however, presents new challenges for local business owners who are more accustomed to traditional methods of marketing. In response, entrepreneurs turned to agencies specializing in a digital marketing method called “search engine optimization” (“SEO”).

SEO uses various tactics to drive organic traffic to a business website and generate more customer leads and better sales conversions. Website traffic plays a crucial role in business growth. A subset of SEO, known as local SEO, aims to increase the likelihood that people will find a particular business online when searching for nearby businesses and services. SEO experts help business owners assess how potential customers make online buying decisions, improve business credibility online, and make more profit.

SEO can be technical and difficult to do well in a competitive industry. This is why many businesses like law firms, dental and medical offices, home improvement services, and consumer goods stores choose to rely on SEO service agencies to engage more clients.

Traditionally, SEO service agencies charge large monthly amounts to handle all of the SEO components needed to boost a website’s attractiveness and online visibility. Usually, only medium and large businesses were able to include SEO services in their marketing budget, leaving small businesses at a great disadvantage.

Organic SEO agency CHKMe, established in 2015, helps local businesses get a fair chance to access the online business model by offering affordable SEO service packages and local SEO work. From website design and redesign to on-page SEO and link building, the team at CHKMe is able to provide complete search engine optimization for businesses in any industry or topic.

Eric, owner of a clothing store, has witnessed the benefits of SEO for his business. “Our site’s audience has increased by 500%, and many families are contacting us after reading about us online. We no longer pay anything for Google ads. People just find our website, then call for it. order, ”says Eric.

Over the past few years, CHKMe has helped its clients’ websites rank first on Google for competitive keywords. Their approach is a combination of classic on-page SEO work, creating great content such as blog posts, press releases, infographics and videos, and unique outreach methods such as posting to forums. , industry specific surveys and email marketing.

If you’re interested in learning how local SEO can help your business excel, contact the CHKMe team to schedule a free phone consultation.

About the organic SEO agency CHKMe:
The organic SEO agency CHKMe specializes in serving local businesses, and small and medium-sized businesses gain a competitive advantage in digital marketing through premium website design, online content creation, local SEO, SEO strategy and social media promotion. For more information on how SEO can help your business drive more sales and customers, visit CHKMe website.

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