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Chris Michael Cartmill Unveils SEO Influence App and Plan to Help Businesses Increase Sales

The SEO marketing plan contains secrets derived from a marketing strategy that generated 13 million dollars in sales while the MyRep app is a database of premium influencers with amazing features that allow it to serve as a digital showcase.

January 4, 2022 – Chris Micheal Cartmill is excited to announce that businesses and online influencers struggling to improve their online presence and increase sales can use his proven SEO strategy to elevate their operations to new heights. The brand announced this by unveiling a marketing plan which it claims contains the secrets of its strategy, and also introduced a new SEO influence app which he named MyRep.

According to Chris Michael Cartmill, the SEO plan which is currently available for purchase for just $ 4.95, contains a detailed breakdown of the strategies and SEO secrets who have helped the brand generate over $ 13 million in sales for its customers. The educational product has been designed in an easy to understand manner so that almost anyone can learn and apply the tips it contains to improve their online presence and ultimately increase sales phenomenally.

Although not yet launched, the MyRep app has been designed as a premium influencer database and contains some awesome features that make it a revolutionary digital storefront for influencers. According to details contained in a pdf presentation available on the brand’s website, the MyRep app hosts several features all created to help influencers better organize, manage, market and earn income from their profiles.

Using the MyRep app, influencers can link their profiles to their social media accounts and get paid for creating reels, uploading, and posting blog content. The app also offers a rating and voting system through which users can rate themselves and view their rankings to increase their ad value, as well as link their Google Adsense accounts to generate more revenue.

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Chris Micheal Cartmill boasts over 10 years of experience helping businesses create a formidable online presence and achieve their branding goals. The marketing company prides itself on its analytical approach to problem solving and offers a list of services that includes a “comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities, as well as deliver results in a cohesive report that includes plans for project, timelines and cost analysis. . “

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