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Colt Sliva on becoming an SEO engineer and visualizing search graphics

Colt Sliva came to my field office to discuss SEO with me. I asked him a bunch of personal questions to start with, to make him tense – just kidding. We talked about his career, he is an SEO engineer at iPullRank, the place is run by Mike King who I spoke to before. He got into SEO by helping her start a blog, then writing content and making money with Google AdSense. He did development in school, did art in school, and then got a job in marketing and SEO and content for these companies. He also did a lot of development work in these companies. He wanted to do more SEO and he found Mike King and he clicked with Mike, Mike hired him to work on more intense SEO in his business.

We then dug a bit into the search graph, knowledge panels, entities, and more. He said he learned this from digging through white papers on how search engines work. He started with the PageRank algorithm first and he said that you can use Python to help you visualize these algorithms. Colt got pretty technical with the conversation, talking about the centrality of eigenvectors. In graph theory, the centrality of eigenvectors is a measure of the influence of a node in a network. Relative scores are assigned to all nodes in the network based on the concept that connections to high scoring nodes contribute more to the score of the node in question than equal connections to low scoring nodes. It does this to better visualize the algorithms.

He gave some examples of how the knowledge graph works with a bicycle. We then talked a bit about the knowledge panels, which you might find as fun as talking about bikes.

More next week, but you can read more about Colt Sliva @SignorColt.

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