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Dallas SEO Expert Qamar Zaman Launches New Book: Rank Your Map in Google with Press Releases

Learn the Google MAP ranking in 2021

Google Maps Ranking: SEO expert Qamar Zaman has announced the launch of his new book “The Mystery Behind Google Maps Ranking: How to Rank Your Business Higher”. It is now available in Kindle and paperback, and is available on Amazon.

The book addresses the need for a better understanding of Google Maps rankings and online press release coverage to achieve higher rankings. It provides tips and tools to create a successful charting strategy

In a recent video John Muller of Google Search also suggested that one way to gain commercial exposure is through the press. This will help get the message across and help consumers find you. Source

The Google Maps ranking books cover:

  • How do I get my ranking on Google Maps?

  • How can I rank higher in Google Local Search?

  • How do you rank in Google 2022?

  • How can I get SEO for Google Maps?

The book teaches readers how to interact with customers on Google for free. Zaman aims to help business owners take advantage of Google MAP for free using their Google My Business profiles.

In the book, Zaman revealed secrets that will help business owners attract customers looking for their products and services. He also listed strategies to help businesses build relationships by initiating engagement with their local customers through Google Search and Maps.

Business owners who are still struggling with how Google Maps works and marketers who want to learn from an expert who has worked in the industry for over 15 years are the main target readers of Zaman’s book.

A few questions >> How to get my ranking on Google Maps.

Since a book cannot encompass all areas of card classification, Zaman offers email consultation via [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the matters mentioned below.

  • Can you pay Google to rank higher?

  • How do I get SEO for Google Maps

  • How to increase my visibility on Google

  • How do you rank first on Google

  • How can I be on the first page of Google in 24 hours

  • How to get to the first page of Google without paying

  • How much does SEO cost per month

  • How to get to the top of Google without paying

  • How to rank higher on Google Maps

  • Do Reviews Help Google Rankings

  • How to Check My Google Ranking

  • How to get noticed on Google Maps

  • Who has the most reviews on Google

  • How does Google decide which reviews are most relevant?

  • Do I have to pay for SEO

Author: Kamar Zaman

SEO Professional Ranked top SEO expert by SEO Advocate, Qamar Zaman is an American marketing and technology entrepreneur who is a known expert when it comes to growing websites in the digital marketing industry. Zaman and his team help business owners secure Google Maps Ranking 3 Pack thanks to SEO storytelling.

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Zaman founded KISS PR Story in 2014 and began working with businesses of all sizes to develop and share their brand stories. The company has grown from a one-man operation to a large team of writers, web designers, and strategists.

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