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DigiChefs lands SEO and performance marketing mandate for Sila

Mumbai: DigiChefs, the independent creative agency based, has assumed SEO and performance marketing functions for Sila, a real estate platform providing property development, project management, consultancy and facilities management services to across India.

Under the mandate, DigiChefs primary objective is to generate and build an organic traffic channel for Sila’s three business lines using effective performance marketing tools and techniques. “The focus is on analyzing and designing a strong brand action plan to increase brand visibility to audiences with targeted ads,” the agency said in a statement. .

The agency will help the brand build a strong SEO strategy by improving keyword results, optimizing the website for organic search and increasing Sila’s search rankings, he added.

“With SEO and performance marketing being our forte, we look forward to enhancing Sila’s digital journey with our bespoke SEO practices and ensuring the best marketing tools are used to drive brand business” , said DigiChefs co-founder Deep Mehta. “With consistent ad optimization, we aim to drive quality leads and conversions as a result. We look forward to leveraging our expertise and driving organic traffic that will contribute to long-term brand growth.”