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Digital Marketing 101: How to Improve Your Understanding of SEO | Keeper Cowra

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With the growing popularity of e-commerce alternatives across the globe, many Australian business owners and professionals have recognized the value of SEO and digital marketing. While these concepts may seem simple enough to understand on paper, the fact is that SEO as a discipline exists in a highly variable business landscape while already being a very competitive professional field.

As a result, many digital marketing students looking to further their SEO knowledge may find themselves without professional opportunities to do so. After all, unlike the creative industries that use digital technologies, you can’t exactly build an SEO portfolio independently and without any business contacts.

You can, however, build a solid educational foundation and grow from there. Here’s how young Australians and budding entrepreneurs can effortlessly engage with SEO and contemporary digital marketing practices.

Enroll in a digital marketing course

Although you can learn by doing, enrolling in a digital marketing course will ensure that your independent study remains well-structured and adheres to an equally meticulous schedule. As we mentioned earlier, SEO is a discipline that is also subject to rapid change and evolution based on search engine updates and variations in consumer behavior inspired by external economic or environmental factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

If there are sudden developments, you will definitely need help dissecting how these developments may impact your existing knowledge. The best way to ensure you have access to this support from the start is to enroll in an established digital marketing course taught by experienced industry professionals.

Along with that, enrolling in a three-year digital marketing course or even a short SEO course will likely allow you to build valuable industry connections that could then help you get a job after graduation. of your degree, or even internship opportunities that will help you kick-start your personal SEO. wallet.

Engage with SEO theories in real contexts

Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of SEO theories and techniques through both independent research and tertiary education, it’s worth taking the time to apply this new knowledge to real-world settings.

That doesn’t mean you should start working on digital marketing campaigns right away. Instead, what you should seriously consider doing is analyzing case studies and trying to figure out why particular areas rank higher than others.

Download Chrome extensions to help you better understand rankings on the SERPs, and you’ll be well on your way to developing your own “spider senses” when it comes to analyzing pre-existing optimization on any new domain that comes your way. hand, whether through your studies or during your first few weeks as an SEO professional.

Taking the time to cultivate an ability to effectively analyze landing pages, SERPs, and pre-existing optimization metrics from the get-go will ensure you have the foundation you’ll need to become a highly intuitive and effective SEO professional.

Take a contract or freelance work

Now that you have everything you need to become an SEO pro, it’s finally time to start looking for real-world professional development opportunities! Apply to all vacancies at local digital marketing agencies alongside as well offer your freelance services.

Many agencies are more likely to hire you as a part-timer or even an SEO freelancer to begin with, especially if you’re applying for your first job in the industry. At this point in your career, however, a contract or freelance role may actually be more beneficial to you, as you can gain a wide range of different industry experiences, piece together the ingredients for a very eclectic resume, and , more importantly, find out for yourself exactly what you like the most. Knowing what trajectory you would like your career to take will undoubtedly make you a much more attractive candidate for future employment opportunities.

Build a broad and varied portfolio

It is important to note here that it can be difficult to know exactly what to include in your SEO portfolio. By its nature, SEO is a highly specialized and varied practice that involves elements of content and copywriting, creation of websitesand market analyses.

As a result, your portfolio will likely include pages and pages of meta description examples, keyword targeting strategies, and graphs detailing search traffic variations, which may prompt potential employers to ask for additional evidence that these variations can be attributed to the direct result of your work as an SEO professional.

Prove your worth as an SEO professional can often seem almost impossible, given the largely impermanent and changing nature of your work. Fortunately, you will find that the more experiences you accumulate in this industry, the easier it will be to document them all.

Having access to industry software like keyword research services and rank trackers will naturally also help your portfolio feel much more complete. On top of that, working with agencies and building their own strong case studies will help you continue to carve out your own niche in this highly diverse industry.

Understanding SEO begins with study and ends with study. This is an area of ​​digital marketing unlike any other that requires all of its practitioners to be true “jack-of-all-trades”. The overall benefits of this study?

You will find yourself in a very diverse industry and in a professional role that is both well paid and never dull! What more could you ask for as a digital marketing professional?