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Electron Bot, Modular SEO Poisoning Malware That Can Control Your Social Media

Imagine a virus that can enter your social media accounts and start acting there without you realizing it, giving likes, posting comments… that’s what Electron Bot does.

It is the Threat Intelligence division of Check Point® Software Technologies which alerts on this new malware distributed via the official Microsoft store.

Apparently more than 5,000 computers have already been infected. Once infected, the malware executes commands given by cybercriminals, commands that can be done with social media accounts. You can do everything from registering new accounts to logging in, leaving comments and liking other posts.

It is a type of modular SEO poisoning malware, used to promote social media and be part of clickthrough campaigns.

When a user buys “thousands of new subscribers” or “thousands of likes” on the “internet black market”, they are, sometimes unknowingly, paying these criminals, who send commands to infected computers to perform the actions in your client. accounts.

The fact that it is distributed through the Microsoft Store platform is concerning. Apparently, it appears from dozens of infected apps, mostly video games. Malware was previously discovered in an app called “Album by Google Photos” which claimed to be published by Google LLC. even if it wasn’t true. Other infected applications were “Temple Run” or “Subway Surfer”.

The bot is built using Electron, a framework for creating cross-platform desktop applications using web scripting, which makes it perfect for creating threats on the Internet, as they speak the same language, JavaScript-scripts.

SEO poisoning-type threats can also create malicious websites and use search engine optimization tactics, although the most common are click-throughs, social media invasion, and fraudulent online product promotion. line.