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From the world of SEO agencies to the world of startups

Miriam Schwab is the co-founder and CEO of Strattic, a hosting and static publishing platform for WordPress. I have known Miriam for many years, maybe as early as 2004 or 2005. She owned an agency for over 13 years named illuminea where she did a lot of things including SEO and digital marketing. She spoke to SMX Israel and other events over the years we remembered the first SMX Israel named SphinnCon Israel. After many years, she moved from the world of agencies to the world of startups.

Agency World To Start Up World:

Miriam explained that her agency, illuminea, was an expert in WordPress. So not only did they do WordPress technical development but they also worked on marketing these sites and loved SEO. The concept for Strattic came from running her agency, the frustrations she had with WordPress. Like those Wix ads, which didn’t go too well with most people.

During her research into fixing these WordPress issues, she came across static site builders and this is where the inspiration for Strattic came from. She loved WordPress and found a solution to use WordPress but produced a static version of the site. Miriam explained the headless concept in relation to her solution.

Strattic SEO help:

Strattic helps SEO with site speed, easier crawling, less server issues, overall site performance, improved conversion rates, etc. Strattic is also working on solutions to improve critical web problems. They have a lot of plans for the future of software.

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You can read more about Miriam Schwab here or on Twitter @miriamschwab.

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