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Geeky Tech says more about its role as a technical SEO agency

Today, Geeky Tech talked more about technical SEO, what it is and why it’s an important aspect of SEO that businesses should consider as part of their organic search strategy. He also explains how his technical SEO service can help you.

Technical SEO is a simple concept to understand, but difficult to learn. The term “technical SEO” refers to the very early stages of a website’s visibility on search engines, specifically before a website is even ranked. This is an important step in ensuring that a website is easily crawled and indexed by search engines.

If a website has been around for a while on the web and everything else has been done (e.g. backlinks, sitemap, etc.), but it still isn’t getting any traffic or traction with search engines, this may be because the pages of the website in question are riddled with technical issues leading to low traffic and ranking issues. The proper technical SEO basics are required on all websites wishing to rank online, without them sites can even struggle to get indexed, reducing a website’s organic traffic potential.

This is where Geeky Tech prevails. Through the use of technical on-page optimization tools combined with many years of industry experience, struggling sites have a chance to thrive on search engines again.

The team of Geeks at Geeky Tech consider themselves specialists in the overwhelming world of technical SEO and have been training for many years to acquire their current skills. The first step in the process of fixing bad technical SEO is the same as going to the doctor with a health problem: diagnosis.

Diagnosing the initial problem with a website is the most important aspect of determining a permanent solution to repair site functionality and indexing issues. Once a solution is implemented, the business then receives ongoing support to keep their website up to date and on top of any changes in industry practices.

Unlike its competitors, Geeky Tech does not promise an overnight solution as it is well known that technical SEO takes time, care and precision. Overnight solutions tend not to be permanent and eventually reverse or even worse in the long run. However, Geeky Tech’s proven technical SEO service will fix issues over time and allow businesses to reach their correct target audiences.

So if the rankings are a little lackluster and the website in question isn’t gaining the traction it rightly deserves, schedule a free review with Geeky Tech. See the following URL for more information about the service:

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