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How a Dunedin SEO Agency is Positively Impacting SMBs

SEO terms you need to know before proceeding with the article

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  • SEO: Short for Search Engine Optimization, “the process of taking action to help a website or piece of content rank higher on Google.” -Niel Patel
  • SEO Foundation: Applying the fundamentals of search engine optimization to provide a solid foundation for a website to increase rankings or organic search results.
  • CTA: Abbreviation for a call to action, e.g. contact form, clickable email or phone
  • Core Vitals: Google’s standardized metrics help developers understand how users experience a webpage.
  • Local signals: citations from different platforms and directories containing business NAPs (name, address and phone number)
  • Metadata: A short description of a page or piece of content to help search engines like Google better understand it.
  • Landing Page: a specific web page for marketing and advertising purposes or a web page designed to present a product or service to users.
  • Conversion: is the % of users who visited the website or a specific landing page who took a specific action, e.g., purchase, sign up, click on a phone number or email, etc.

How Netbloom Boosted Revenue for a Local Clothing Store in Wanaka, New Zealand

Open your laptop or take out your phone, open your browser and search for “Cecilie Copenhagen”. One of the top search results for “Cecilie Copenhagen”, a famous clothing brand in New Zealand, is the Escape Clothing website.

Escape clothing is not one of the big New Zealand companies. This is a local store in Wanaka, and their e-commerce website is one of their distribution channels to serve customers from different parts of New Zealand.

That’s the beauty of SEO – and Netbloom is happy to place Escape’s clothing in the top search results to increase brand awareness and revenue.

Latest SEO results:

  • 31.79% increase in revenue for April 2022
  • 110.29% increase in revenue for May 2022

This is how Netbloom is having a positive impact on the New Zealand community, and Escape Clothing is one of the many SMEs they have helped.

How Netbloom created a place to increase leads and sales for a local plumbing company in Dunedin, New Zealand

Matthew Jeffery, the owner of Netbloom, contacted Mains Plumbers to help them increase their traffic and conversions. The Mains Plumbers website has had very little traffic and no conversions, which means their website is not generating positive brand engagement, which does not result in leads or sales.

Mathew has technical experience in different web platforms as a full-stack developer. This gave Mains Plumbers confidence that Netbloom could deliver on its promises.

Over the past two months, Netbloom has focused on improving the user experience of the Mains Plumbers website (e.g. fixing pop-ups and form distractions, adding appropriate CTAs on landing pages , content structure, etc.), SEO Foundation, Core Vitals, Metadata and Local Signals.

SEO results for April 2022:

  • 28.71% increase in traffic
  • 500% increase in conversions

SEO results for the month of May 2022:

  • 30.69% increase in traffic
  • 700% increase in conversions

How Netbloom Achieved Steady Revenue Growth for a Local High-End Wool Products Business in Avondale, New Zealand

Kind Face has a dedicated e-commerce website to sell their premium wool products in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA. Their products include inner cushions, woolen pillows and eye masks.

They hired Netbloom to steadily increase their online income.

Over the past two months, Netbloom has focused on improving its UX (e.g. fixing confusing navigation and footer, fixing repetitive internal and outbound links, etc.), SEO Foundation (by example, fixing broken links, implementing schema markup, fixing orphaned pages, etc.), Core Vitals, metadata, and blogging.

Latest SEO Results

  • 46.66% increase in revenue for April 2022
  • 67.9% increase in revenue for May 2022

Friendly local SEO company with an amazing track record

Netbloom delivers nothing less than great results from top reputable web design and SEO companies that charge x20 more for web design, web development and SEO. Netbloom is a new local web design and SEO company with a fantastic track record.

Here are some of the real benefits you can get when you hire Netbloom web design and SEO services:

  • Make your voice heard
  • Reach many different market segments
  • Open a new site to increase sales
  • Constant increase in sales
  • Have a talented and passionate team working with your business

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