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How Chick’s Southold Agway is using SEO, Google Ads and Ecommerce to grow in 2022 and beyond

Chick’s Southold Agway is expanding its business reach by increasing sales, calls and in-store traffic through the use of SEO, Google Ads, and e-commerce.

In today’s market, you can’t overstate the importance of an online presence. By opting for the enhanced e-commerce site and the Google Ads campaign, we hope to be able to reach new customers … “

– Val Cichanowicz from Chick’s Southold Agway

SOUTHOLD, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2022 / – About the client

Chick’s Southold Agway is a yard, garden and pet supplies retailer located in Southold, New York. The business focuses on your garden and yard products including traditional and organic fertilizers, soil conditioners, mulch, and other supplies. It also offers a wild bird feeding service and supplies for horses, livestock and poultry, including feed, shavings, hay and straw. Chick’s Southold Agway also sells deer and rabbit repellents, mole and vole repellents, and rodenticides for mice and rats. The company offers a huge selection of terracotta and glazed ceramic pots, metal garden art, stakes, garden fencing, pool chemicals for the avid gardener.

Business challenges

Chick’s Southold Agway had built up a large and loyal following in the garden and yard supplies industry. Store owner Val Cichanowicz discovered that the company’s pet supplies wing was not as well known to consumers as their yard and garden wing. She wanted to find a way to create more notoriety and develop this side of the business.

“A lot of our customers don’t realize that we have a full pet sourcing service, so I wanted to find an effective way to accentuate our pet product line,” Cichanowicz said.

Like most businesses, Chick’s Southold Agway was grappling with heightened challenges in the midst of a global pandemic. Inventory shortages, rising product prices and labor shortages were all issues that could be alleviated by increased income, both in-store and online.

The company needed to expand its customer base and increase awareness of its comprehensive product offerings among its current customer base.


After consulting with Chicks Southold Agway, it became clear that an improved e-commerce platform and digital marketing campaign could meet their needs. New media retailer (NMR) and Chick’s Southold Agway had already established a partnership for 15 years. NMR created a mobile-friendly site that has helped Chick’s Southold Agway with local search engine optimization with monthly analytics showing their performance, outperforming their regional competitors in Google.

Building on this foundation, NMR has built an ecommerce platform that enables curbside pickup, Shopify site integration, and management of Google Ads campaigns designed to help expand their local exposure even further.

The NMR team demonstrated their Google Ads program to show how it could work for their business. Val explained his ideal audience and results to NMR, and the NMR team took this information and created three Google Ads groups to target and reach new customers.

“I am always open to the means to develop the business”, said Cichanowicz. “In today’s market, you can’t overstate the importance of an online presence. By opting for the Enhanced Ecommerce Site and Google Ads Campaign, we hope to be able to reach new customers through the website.


It didn’t take long after launching this new approach to see the tangible difference in the business. Immediately, Cichanowicz saw a noticeable increase in sales, foot traffic and calls to the store.

“When I signed with NMR 15 years ago, I started with a simple website. Now, 15 years later, I am selling my products in store online for curb pickup and delivery, ”she said. “NMR also helps me with my social media presence and email marketing. So I am now able to offer my in-store sales, my products and more online to my customers. “

For Cichanowicz, the advanced e-commerce platform enables the company to do what it does best – provide superior customer service.

“We are an Agway store, but we are much more than that. We strive to excel in customer service, which means being able to offer a wide range of products and a wealth of knowledge to our customers, ”she said. “By expanding our online offerings, we are better able to serve our loyal customers. “


Chick’s Southold Agway is a yard, garden and pet supplies retailer that had built a loyal following over the years, but needed help expanding that base through digital channels. Chick’s Southold Agway leveraged its 15-year partnership with New Media Retailer to create a new system to increase its digital marketing profile and enhance its e-commerce platform. This new approach immediately made a huge difference in key business metrics. Southold Agway of Southold Chick will continue to expand its digital offerings with the trusted help of New Media Retailer.

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