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How SEO and Content Marketing Work Together

Marketing is about getting the customer to take the intended action. You want more relevant traffic, sign up for your newsletter, fill out forms, and ultimately become loyal customers. Some companies focus a lot on technical optimization without paying much attention to content quality. Others tend to focus only on content while technical SEO quietly takes a back seat. In both cases, it doesn’t work.

Content marketing and SEO must work hand in hand to realize the full potential of marketing. Here’s how-


1. Content Marketing Strategy

Marketers need to craft a content strategy with SEO in mind. The content team should be well versed in SEO copywriting. The goal is to refine your content to make it easier for crawlers to index your website.

First of all, your content must be of impeccable quality. Start with keyword research and let relevant keywords flow naturally into your writing. Understand and prioritize the keywords that are core to your business and essential for ranking.

Don’t stuff keywords or add unnecessary ones.

Keywords should improve your website rankings, but not deteriorate your writing.

2. Keyword Planning

For content to land on the first page of Google, choosing the right keywords is essential. You can evaluate top websites and competitive keywords to gauge what works in your industry/niche.

Once you have the keyword list at hand, form a clear picture of what your audience is looking for and create content that meets those needs. Develop a thorough understanding of your target audience. Who are you targeting? What are they looking for?

Search intent shows purpose. If your targeted keywords match exactly, you can put your products and services in front of actively buying prospects. You can use Google Keyword Planner for your SEO content strategy.


3. Technical optimization

You need a strategic approach to search engine optimization. SEO professionals should perform audience analysis to understand their behavior, motivations, and goals.

Marketers take days and weeks to create informative content, but you need technical SEO to make it appealing to search engines. Your website should not have broken links. You need to use XML sitemaps, use header tags correctly, connect to high DA sites like .org and .edu, etc. to generate traffic.

In short, technical SEO optimizes your content and website for all search engine requirements and any changes in algorithms (Google continues to roll out changes in algorithms to make search results more relevant).

When content marketing and SEO come together, you create a great website experience for your users. This is an inbound approach because you attract the right buyers to your website and convert them, rather than cold prospecting.

Create original, fresh and valuable content. Stick to white hat SEO. And, when you put the two together, the sky’s the limit!