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How to bring your SEO and SEM teams together [Webinar]

Which team are you on, SEO or SEM?

Do you feel like everyone is in the same boat, or does it seem like there are independent islands where everyone only thinks of themselves?

Usually the latter scenario plays out.

Many SEO professionals, development teams, and marketers tend to work in silos and only focus on keyword rankings or CPC ads, separately.

Me, I team both.

There are so many benefits to having the highest organic ranking with an ad at the top of that SERP. Additionally, optimization is most effective when you share keywords and performance across teams.

No matter which team you’re on, search marketing is most effective when teams work together.

So we’ve partnered with the Conductor team to show you how to build a paid and organic synergy base.

Join now and learn the strategies and benefits of aligning paid and organic efforts to maximize your marketing team’s ROI.

You will discover how:

  • Integrate paid and organic search marketing into your marketing strategy.
  • Create a new paid search campaign using organic data.
  • Optimize existing paid initiatives with organic insights.

Michael Bruh, Vice President and Head of Account Success at Conductor, will show how to create a solid, synergistic, organic, and rewarding foundation.

If you can’t attend the webinar, no worries. Sign up now and we’ll send you the recording!