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How To Locate The Best SEO Agency In Australia | Busselton-Dunsborough Courier

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It’s no secret that in the digital age, the marketing and SEO services industry is highly saturated. With 3.5 billion Google searches every day and 68% of clicks going directly to the top five search results, SEO is imperative and we are spoiled for choice.

Businesses are constantly asked to implement a strong SEO strategy in order to be competitive online, but with so many options, how do businesses differentiate between high-quality, results-oriented agencies and those that just make a quick buck?

In Australia, 99% of SEO agencies outsource overseas, often to third world countries. For companies that want to move their money locally, this becomes problematic. It also hampers clients’ trust in their SEO partnership, as agencies are generally not honest and transparent about this detail.

Agencies that outsource overseas often do so to cut costs, not necessarily to attract better talent. And when your marketing partner values ​​their profitability above that of your own business enough to save money, they’re not doing their job right. This factor alone is enough to determine whether an agency will do everything in their power to help you grow your business, or if they will do a poor job and get poor results.

First Page SEO Agency is an SEO agency in Australia that does not outsource overseas. They employ over 170 in-house specialists with a wide range of talent, including performance marketers, SEO technicians, developers, and social media specialists.

The first page difference

First Page is not just an SEO agency. They are Google ad specialists, social media experts, programmatic advertisers and Metaverse marketers. They also own and manage businesses outside of First Page, so they have real-world experience growing businesses across multiple industries.

Partnering with a high-quality SEO agency like First Page ensures that all campaigns implemented for your business are data-driven and have clear goals. Campaigns are conducted alongside transparent and in-depth reporting, provided to clients on an online platform with useful insights and informed recommendations

First Page hosts SENTR, a proprietary technology designed to store data and provide live campaign reporting directly to clients. With the huge amount of data stored by SENTR, it also has the ability to predict Google’s algorithm updates and bring front page customers to the fore.

All First Page employees in the campaign execution and account management arm are Google Black Belt certified, and the agency is a Google Premier Partner, a designation that only 3% of all global agencies hold.

First Page has generated a whopping $3.8 billion in combined revenue for its clients and has a three-step process to guarantee results for its clients. They first perform a comprehensive digital audit of their clients’ websites, then create a highly effective growth strategy, encompassing all facets of their online presence. Campaigns are carefully monitored and all campaign builds, research and data are provided to clients to keep on hand for future SEO efforts.

Achieving Google’s first page visibility can cement businesses to the top of an industry, improving brand awareness and credibility. But this is a laborious task, requiring industry knowledge and experience.

Partnering with an SEO agency with reputable credentials, Google ratings, and high levels of transparency is the best chance for businesses to achieve SEO success.

First Page offers free revenue growth sessions with a digital strategist.