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How to Start a Digital Marketing SEO Agency?

Starting your digital marketing agency sounds like an exciting thing to do; however, it can also seem a bit daunting. Digital marketing is going viral these days mainly because of the demand it enjoys. As the population on the internet continues to grow, so do the growth opportunities and businesses on the web. If you have the same skills, starting your own digital marketing SEO agency could be great for you. Here’s how you can get a head start on yours today:

1. Create a lead generation team

As a beginner, it is natural that you are not yet as popular as your other counterparts. Because you have only started building your name, you will need to be exposed to potential customers who may be your regular customers. This process is what lead generation is.

Lead generation is the process by which a team is tasked with finding prospects or potential customers for your business. Here’s how to make your lead generation campaign successful:

  • Identify your target market and narrow down your options to limit only those in your market, as this can be your lead.
  • Inform your target market, or prospects, about your services.
  • Do affiliate marketing or partner with other SEO agencies that may need digital marketing services
  • Please get into the practice of cold calling, which is calling or emailing your potential prospects, to contact them.

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2. Create your website

As a digital marketing SEO agency, you probably know by now that the best way to reach your customers is to create a website. The population on the internet is vast and almost all of your benefits are at your fingertips. With just one click on your website, you become visible worldwide. Therefore, you must include a website among your marketing modes, especially since you belong to the digital marketing community.

3. Create a brand identity

As an agency, you still operate the same way as a business. What sets you apart from other competitors is the specific brand name and identity you create for your SEO agency. This way, it becomes easier for your clients to remember your agency and feel like you are a legitimate business.

Here are some aspects related to branding via SEO that you would have to complete:

  • Your brand name
  • Your brand logo
  • The vision and mission of your brand
  • Your brand slogan or motto
  • Your brand’s domain name and professional email address

4. Gather your workforce

One of the benefits of a digital marketing SEO agency is that you don’t have to hire a team of full-time employees by the nature of their work, and you can even outsource it. Because the services you offer are intangible and can mostly be completed remotely as long as there is an internet connection, you can eliminate the hassle of having to maintain a full workforce on a daily basis.

Through outsourcing, you can have a team of digital marketing and SEO experts from all over the world. Also, payment terms are flexible, as most of them offer freelance positions. This means that you will only have to pay them for each job they have done. This way, you can save on the costs of employing a full-time staff and maintaining an office.

5. Create your business portfolio

Building your business portfolio is something you will need to do if you want your digital marketing business to remain successful and stay in the industry. Your business portfolio is what you will display on your website. This is where your clients can compare their decision-making process to decide if you are trustworthy enough to take on the responsibility.

You should include the following in your portfolio:

  • Previous digital marketing and SEO services provided
  • Comments and ratings from past customers
  • Recommendations from the general public
  • Comments and suggestions section
  • Objectives and targets for all your future customers

When you have a business portfolio published on your website, it will create an aura of professionalism, where new clients will trust you more as you are a digital marketing agency which means business.


This article gives you the best tips for starting your digital marketing agency. However, you won’t learn the ins and outs until your business is up and running. With these tips to help you, you can rest assured that your business of turning your skills into a lucrative opportunity will work for you. Digital marketing is growing in popularity and it’s here to stay.