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Image SEO King Contest Image Crasher Raising SEO Game

The contest began when an SEO mastermind challenged members to rank an image in Google’s SERPs within 24 hours. Word of the contest has leaked. Then several rogue SEO professionals crashed the event by launching their own initiatives. The recent launch of King of Image SEO website caught the attention of the contest organizers.

One of the party breakers is Honey Witcher – the owner of “Our arrival at the scene did not go unnoticed,” she said. “It’s common for SEOs to ‘model’ other people’s strategies. Now we will have to be a little more aggressive to challenge the Image SEO King title.

Historically, SEO contests have become more aggressive as the deadline approaches. the King of Image SEO the competition is no different. Everyone is trying to categorize their images as quickly as possible. The contest struck a chord with the SEO community. The level of interest is high.

“It’s a bit like an arms race,” said one observer. An evolution like this is how progress changes SEO. “Every time someone uses a new technique, someone else has to develop a countermeasure.”

One method that is gaining popularity is to use Google’s products against it. YouTube and Google sites are both owned by Google. So many SEO professionals use them to rank their images.

“We were going to try a simple exact match website and PR. But with everyone on YouTube for quick rankings, it forces us to add that to our internet marketing mix,” Honey reflected.

Search engine optimization for images is not a frequent SEO focal point. SEOs prefer a mix of content marketing or link acquisition to drive rankings. But with limited time, competitors must use other methods to rank quickly.

“24 hours is not a lot of time. But it does provide a way to learn from some of the best SEOs in the world,” Witcher said. “And who knows what might happen in the final hours!”

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