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Innovative Digital Marketing Agency Increases Marketing ROI Through SEO Campaigns

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CLEARWATER, FL, USA, December 17, 2021 / – Last February, the founder Jeremy Haug announced the opening of B2B Business Experts – an innovative agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO). Since its inception, it has developed a guideline to help clients achieve 20-30% marketing return on investment (ROI) growth in less than 60 days. Outstanding results have over 8,000 quality leads and $ 11 million in revenue generated.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO can be just as effective for B2B organizations as B2C ones. It provides over half of website traffic for both lines of business. With Google processing billions of searches daily, SEO has become a go-to marketing tool for many businesses.

It used to take months for SEO to impact online goals. However, artificial intelligence (AI) has accelerated this process. Jeremy delves into the importance of AI for SEO efforts.

Commenting on the company’s impressive success in the first year, he said: “I have been working in sales and marketing for a decade now and have never seen a tool as powerful as intelligence. artificial. He has played a vital role in reaching new heights for our clients. The difference lies in its ability to mine massive amounts of data and sort, analyze and act on the available information. Not only have we improved our customers return on marketing investment quickly; AI helped us do it at 80% lower costs. “

He added, “AI has many practical marketing applications, including SEO. In the past, it took at least three months to see a difference in rankings, but the right tools deliver measurable improvements in half the time. It’s an exciting time for digital marketing.

Below are a few ways AI improves SEO efforts.
● Find the best keywords. These search terms are crucial because they link customer searches and how businesses meet those needs. With AI, companies can use a data-driven strategy to choose the best keywords for various markets.
● Choose content topics. AI allows companies to develop new content and reuse old materials. It helps marketing teams focus on topical issues of interest to purchasing managers.
● Provide analysis. With AI, leaders never have to make decisions based on hunches. This technology allows organizations to extract information in real time using Big Data.

Surprisingly, SEO competition in a B2B setting is not as tough as B2C. B2B marketers do not use this technique aggressively, giving pioneers a strategic advantage. SEO can increase the value of all other digital marketing efforts, a crucial factor in improving marketing ROI. It’s time for B2B companies to give this process the attention it deserves.

As SEO is a complex approach to digital growth, working with experienced professionals is essential. Call B2B Business Experts now at +1 727-384-9620 for a consultation.

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