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Jeon Jong Seo’s Agency Confirms “Money Heist” Actress Is Dating “The Call” Director Lee Chung Hyeon

Jeon Jong Seo’s agency My Company has confirmed that the actress is dating director Lee Chung Hyeon.

According to the media, the management revealed that the actress met her boyfriend while filming the 2020 Netflix film “The Call”, which the 31-year-old filmmaker directed.

Additionally, My Company also noted that the duo recently started dating, saying the actress and director “have good feelings” for each other, “but recently fell in love.” .

Who is Jeon Jong Seo’s boyfriend, Lee Chung Hyun?

Besides his hit film “The Call” starring Jeon Jong Seo and Park Shin Hye, Lee Chung Hyun is also the writer and director of the 2015 horror film “Bargain” and the romantic fantasy short film “Heart Attack”, released in 2020. .

According to the Korean Film Organization, the 30-year-old director started creating short films in high school and even won a few competitions.

Lee Chung Hyun focused on media communication in college and chose journalism as his major.

After graduating, he first worked in an advertising agency.

Interestingly, he tried his luck in films and films again and had the 2015 short film “Bargain” as his stepping stone into the industry.

Her claim to fame is the hit movie “The Call,” in which Jeon Jong Seo won Best Actress in the Film category at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

(Photo: Official Instagram of my company)

The call

(Photo: Official Instagram of my company)

The thriller was also nominated for the 2021 BaekSang Arts Awards for New Director, Best Lead Actress, Asian Film Awards for Best Actress, and more.

The movie “Nothing Serious” by Jeon Jong Seo

Amid the dating announcement, Jeon Jong Seo recently released his new movie “Nothing Serious” with Son Seok Koo.

Premiering on November 24, the romantic drama follows the story of a 33-year-old bachelor who works as a rookie journalist and is also a sex columnist.

Nothing serious

(Photo: Official Instagram of my company)

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Despite his busy life, he still wants to fulfill his dream of becoming a novelist.

He then meets 29-year-old Ja Young, who is very single and has an outspoken and liberated personality, but has promised not to date anyone after being dumped by her ex-boyfriend.

“Nothing Serious” also sheds light on their unexpected relationship after an accidental encounter on a dating app.

It focuses on next-gen romance and the complexity of love.

Jeon Jong Seo as Tokyo in the Korean remake “Money Heist”

Korean adaptation of

(Photo: JTBC Official Instagram)

Apart from that, the Baeksang Arts winner is also one of the main stars of the highly anticipated Korean remake of “Money Heist”.

Slated to be released in 2022, the cast includes “Squid Game” star Park Hae Soo as Berlin, Yoo Ji Tae as the professor, and Lee Won Jong as Moscow.

The Nairobi counterfeit expert will be played by Jang Yoon Joo, while Kim Ji Hoon will be the brash Denver.

Joining the cast are Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Kyu Ho as cousins ​​Helsinki and Oslo, while Park Jung Woo took on the role of newcomer Rio.

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