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Leading SEO agency offering free SEO audits to struggling local businesses during the pandemic.

Click Typhoon, a marketing agency that helps clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve business goals is pleased to announce that it is offering free SEO audits to local businesses struggling during the pandemic. The agency specializes in content marketing, brand visibility, social media marketing, SEO optimization, analytics and reporting, and PPC advertising. Their goal is to ensure the visibility of their clients’ businesses all over the world.

As a dedicated SEO agency specializing in on-page and off-page SEO, Click Typhoon is ROI focused and makes data-driven decisions to facilitate online business success. The agency was created with the intention of prioritizing the return on investment of clients’ businesses. The approach to SEO and social media marketing is based on factual knowledge within the industry as well as years of experience working with various companies across all industries. The decisions made regarding its marketing strategy are based on data because the agency believes in measurable results that can be analyzed and improved.

The marketing agency helps clients develop a comprehensive and practical marketing solution that will strategically position their business directly in front of the right target audience. He works with his clients to develop a strategic marketing game plan unique to their business to ensure business success. With its effective strategies, Click Typhoon optimizes its clients’ website from the ground up to put them in the best position to succeed online. When it comes to SEO, the company’s goal is to ensure that its client’s business is positioned in the best possible way. Four SEO-related services are offered in the agency due to the all-encompassing nature of SEO. These are technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and analytics and reporting. The goal of these services is to create a campaign that delivers and focuses on critical website issues including slow page speeds, 404 errors, broken links and duplicate content that can hinder conversion rates. . The audit team also acts as a key part of the process as it allows Click Typhoon’s SEO experts to examine the level of difficulty and investment that will be required to achieve their clients’ business goals.

Click Typhoon was founded in 2020 by Ali Gabre and was one of the leading SEO agencies in Mississauga in 2022. The SEO agency is based in Toronto. Ali acknowledged that many business owners were frustrated with marketing and SEO agencies that always seemed to promise what they couldn’t deliver, and as a graduate of the Schulich School of Business, Ali always gave the priority to CSR. With the emergence of the pandemic and its effects, the founder of Click Typhoon offers free SEO video audits to anyone with a business and contacts him to help them with their SEO. The SEO video audit service will be completely free and at no cost due to the pandemic.

According to Ali, “As a business student at the Forbes No.1 Schulich School of Business, we learn a lot about CSR and ethical business. That said, I wanted to give back to local businesses in my community by offering my SEO expertise to help local businesses compete with big business and help them succeed in the world of online marketing and SEO.

The core values ​​of transparency, effective communication and data-driving results are the guiding principles and basis of decision-making within the agency and it constantly adapts and pivots to ensure that the return on investment is the highest possible is generated for all its customers.

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