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Leading SEO content provider, Contentellect broadens its horizons and merges with Tasket to broaden its service offering

Contentellect is one of the most popular SEO content services for businesses looking to grow their online presence. The company’s large team of copywriters and marketers are used by agencies and digital brands around the world. The company has now expanded its SEO content writing services by merging with Tasket, a leading virtual assistant service provider.

London, United Kingdom – Contentellect is one of the most sought after digital companies in the UK and USA, providing product SEO services for agencies and online businesses. The company is best known for writing SEO content that helps increase a business’s online presence and attract more customers and generate more sales. To extend their services, Contentellect merged with Tasket, a virtual assistant service.

Tasket is a specialist virtual assistant service provider that was launched in March 2020 by Contentellect Founder and CEO Mark Whitman. Tasket’s core service offering is bespoke link building and digital PR, delivered by experienced virtual assistants. After an initial launch, the company quickly reached $5,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and by December 2020, it was making $15,000 MRR. With this successful merger, Contentellect now offers broader services including Link Building, HARO Outreach and Social Media Marketing.

Prior to the merger, Contentellect focused exclusively on writing services such as SEO blog content, product descriptions for e-commerce stores, and e-book composition. The company delivers over one million words of content per month to its customers. After merging with Tasket, the company more than doubled its team and now offers a broader service offering that includes a suite of link building and PR services.

Contentellect CEO Mark had this to say, “The merger was simple, but could never have been done so efficiently without the incredible support from the team. Over a period of 6 weeks, we were able to successfully merge teams, customers, operations and front-end sales “We’ve systematized our documentation and integrated our digital presence. We’re now perfectly set up to help our clients with the two main building blocks of SEO: content and links.”

About Contentellect:

Contentellect is a content marketing agency which provides SEO content writing and link building services to digital agencies and online businesses. The company has over 300 active customers, creates 1 million words of content per month, and builds over 250 links per month.

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