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Learn the basics of digital marketing and SEO for a massive offer

Digital marketing has become very popular in recent years. Many organizations are looking for digital marketing and SEO experts to grow their business. It’s a very well paid position and you can easily learn the skills to excel here. WCCFtech has an amazing discount offer on learning the basics of digital marketing and SEO. The offer will expire in a few days, so get your hands on it now.

Learn the basics of digital marketing and SEO features

With this amazing course, you will be able to master the skills needed to excel as a marketing and SEO expert. This is a 12 week course that will help you learn about SEO, Google Ads, eCommerce, Affiliates and more. Here are the highlights of what Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing & SEO has in store for you:

  • Access 24 talks and 15 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn frequently used industry terms, understand what the goals and KPIs are
  • Review some examples of performance-driven channels for different common goals
  • Establish your business goals and align your digital marketing goals to achieve them
  • Walkthrough of Various Marketing Funnels
  • Know useful tools and tips to help you make sure your goals are realistic
  • Learn about Google Analytics and UTMs
  • Create various social media pages, learn about SEO and how Google My Business pages contribute to it
  • Examine the psychology of sales and the different sales triggers to incorporate into your message
  • Learn how to position an ad, discover the bidding system, play with different types of ads and discover how targeting options without keywords work
  • Align target markets across channels, create content plan, discuss budget and determine remarketing strategies

Important details

  • Duration that users can access this course: 12 weeks (3 months)
  • Access options: desktop and mobile
  • Use-by date: Redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Level of experience required: intermediate


  • Any device with basic specs

Original Price Learn the basics of digital marketing and SEO: $1,200
WCcftech Discount Pricing Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing and SEO: $20

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