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Link Juice: What makes SEO so important?

SEO is one of the most valuable marketing strategies available today. However, you may be surprised to learn that 70% of companies still do not use SEO in their marketing strategies.

Often it’s because they don’t understand it, but it’s easier than you think. SEO is based on three pillars; your website, your content marketing strategy and your backlinks. However, not all backlinks are equal. Let’s talk about link juice and why it’s so important to your off-page SEO strategy.

What is Link Juice?

To understand link juice, you must first understand backlinks. Backlinks are the links from other sites to yours, and they act as the primary off-page ranking factor in SEO.

Link juice is an industry term used to describe the amount of domain authority or “juice” that comes from a given link. For example, a link from New York Times is bound to get more juice than a link from your neighbor’s blog.

However, a link from FinancialTimes, a much smaller outlet, will have more link juice to a stock trading website because it’s more industry relevant. The only exception would be if the FTThe link from is a no-follow link and the NYT link is a follow link.

Essentially, the type of link, who it comes from, and its established authority in your industry will determine the link juice on a given link. Backlinks are essential to an SEO strategy, but some are more valuable than others.

Why is Link Juice so important?

Backlinks are the only way Google can determine a website’s authority on a given topic. Although its algorithm is impressive, it cannot become an expert on every topic on the internet, so it relies on other websites to “vote” for content. A backlink acts as a vote in your favor.

To establish authority in an industry with backlinks with little or no link juice, you would need thousands and thousands of links. However, a small handful of links with lots of link juice can be just as beneficial and save you a lot of time on your link building strategy.

With the right affiliate marketing, you might just have to contact a few websites instead of thousands and submit a few guest posts to them. For more information, you can consult this post about link juice and how to get it.

Plus, once you establish your website’s rankings, other companies will contact you to help them establish page authority! This can mean making favorable deals in the future!

Get extra credit

Now that you know a little more about link juice and why it’s so important, start submitting guest posts to high authority sites in your industry today. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can start ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Get started today and stay up to date with our latest digital marketing news!

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