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Local expert launches new SEO agency in Denver

Doug Mills, a leading search engine optimization expert, recently launched Rankings Magic SEO, a local SEO agency in downtown Denver. Mills has built a national reputation over the past few years while providing other Internet marketing agencies with training and advice in the highly specialized field of local SEO.

“I have enjoyed working with some very talented people at many top digital marketing companies over the past few years and have made some great friendships along the way. Teaching them how to succeed in local search rankings has been very rewarding, but I miss the kind of connection that comes from working directly with entrepreneurs to help them grow their business. There’s a kind of special satisfaction in helping someone build their business that’s hard to explain.”

Prior to founding Rankings Magic, Doug invested in over two years of extensive testing and development with an elite team of SEO experts working alongside him. Doug and his team have developed several advanced strategies that allow them to consistently rank any type of business in the top spots of local search results in the most competitive markets nationwide.

Mills and his team have spent a tremendous amount of time understanding what Google’s algorithm wants and how best to deliver it to local business clients. Developing solutions that would allow local businesses to achieve top rankings without attempting to manipulate the algorithm was the goal that drove everyone.

“Our approach was to focus on building trust and relevance, which are the two most important factors for Google to decide where to rank a business in local search results,” Mills explains. This approach allows Rankings Magic to outperform other SEO agencies that specialize in a specific industry but lack a deep understanding of how local SEO works.

Rankings Magic team members include highly experienced SEO experts who have developed their skills at some of the top SEO agencies in the country, including

Ranking Magic is off to a good start here in Denver and already has customers from different business categories ranking high on the three-pack of Maps. We can provide better rankings and more phone calls for any type of business that primarily appeals to their local market,” according to Doug.

“Local search has always been very competitive, but it has become much more complex in recent years. Google changed everything about how they determine local search rankings, and there are so many other factors that come into play now. Many of them require advanced knowledge that goes beyond the basic textbook that most SEO companies try to follow for local SEO,” according to Mills.

Rankings Magic will not only offer Internet marketing services directly to client businesses, but will also provide award-winning website design. “We’ve brought in some incredibly talented and creative people to deliver effective websites for our clients,” according to Creative Director James Swearengin.

“You have to structure a website in a very specific way and organize the information on the site to make it easy for Google’s spiders to interpret, and you have to do that while designing to effectively convert website visitors into customers. .

Many web designers still structure sites the same way they have for 20 years, but if you want to rank at the top of local search results these days, you need to be incredibly specific about every detail. .

We’ve developed several methods to structure business websites for optimal results based on how Google ranks local businesses,” says Mills.

What sets Rankings Magic apart from other SEO agencies in Denver? “We specialize in dominating Maps rankings in local search results. This generates the most phone calls for local business clients like ours.”

To learn more about Rankings Magic’s SEO services, you can visit their website here or call them at 720-603-5400.