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Movers talks about the trending professional SEO VS DIY SEO debate

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to increase the desired traffic to one’s website and boost the business towards the required goals. Movers analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of professional and DIY SEO.

The dangers of DIY SEO for movers

SEO, known as search engine optimization, is one of the most valuable tools for generating new business from popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckgo. Local or national movers appear in Google based on reviews, proximity, web design, user experience, media, and popularity.

Search engine optimization, when done correctly, can give the website more exposure, traffic and tracks, but the question is, is it better to hire a professional marketing agency for movers or take the do-it-yourself approach? Of course, there are pros and cons to both options, but in general, having experienced SEO marketers to take care of a website is worth it regardless of the expense. Below, they’ve provided a more in-depth look at the DIY and professional options to help readers make a more informed decision.

DIY search optimization for movers

A website owner can check their own Google My Business (Maps) listing, upload photos, videos, and even create an essential website through popular platforms like Godaddy, Wix, or Squarespace. The business owner can also create web pages showcasing all the services they offer such as safe gun moves, local moves, piano moves and their starting service areas.


Cost: The only cost a website owner will rack up by taking a DIY approach is the cost of the domain name and website hosting. Typically, they cost around $25 per month for a domain name, hosting, and email, which can easily stay below the cost of professional SEO companies, especially for smaller movers just starting out.

Control: Do-it-yourself search engine marketing gives the owner complete control over the outcome of the project, ensuring it turns out exactly as they envision.

The inconvenients

Long: If the owner manually creates web pages for each service and uploads and optimizes images, it can take hours, days, and even weeks that could be spent on actual travel.

Dangerous: Improper optimizations can hamper business and have a significant negative impact on the chances of being found online. This can lead to limited search engine views or even de-indexing if the correct crawler txt files are not configured with sitemaps.

Information overload: Web design and referencing systems. With search engine optimization, a user performs hundreds of tasks, and sifting through the noise to access the signal will require him to become a part-time SEO and marketing expert, if not a full-time job, as he grows. .

Professional SEO for moving companies


Experience: At a professional SEO company specializing in movers, they will have seen everything from startups to multi-million dollar websites, SEO and Google Ads Tactics.

Professional-Grade Technology: Most professional web design and internet marketing companies have software or systems that compound the benefits and virtually guarantee the results.

Efficiency: With their experience and artificial intelligence, most SEO companies can run a web design, SEO and Google Ads campaign effectively. Also, with every job done right the first time, there is no need to redo web pages or sections over and over again on the website.

The inconvenients

Expensive: Professional service comes with a higher price range. Unlike DIY options, the business owner not only pays for the direct SEO results, but also for the professional customer service that comes with it. Most SEO and digital marketing services range from $247 to $5,000.

Unscrupulous companies: Unfortunately, less savory companies are less experienced in the moving industry or less careful when dealing with a company’s brand name. People tend to hire them because they are much cheaper than their competitors, but once they receive payment it is difficult to contact them again, even to correct a mistake.

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