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New Robots tags for better indexing control

Oliver brings us all the latest SEO news, from new Robots tags to a persistent issue with Search Console. Learn more.

SEO News: new robot tags for better indexing control

This week we take a look at exciting new announcements and features released by Google and more. Starting with the new improved “Indexifembedded” Robots tags giving you more control over indexing and the new mobile search feature launched by Google called “People Search Next”.

New Robots tags that give you more control over indexing

It was announced this week that Google is releasing a new robots tag that will give users much more control over their content and what gets indexed in search results.

Google wants to introduce indexifembedded, the new robot label. What sets this new robot tag apart from the traditional tag is that it allows you to tell Google to only index content on a page if it’s embedded via iframes and similar HTML tags. The indexifembedded tag replaces the noindex tag.

This changes how we can index a page and the content of that page. For example, a huge benefit of the indexifembedded tag is that you can use noindex to keep an entire URL out of search results and apply the indexifembedded tag to make specific content indexable when embedded on another web page.

Ongoing logging issue with Google Search Console

A problem was reported on the 24thand from Google who said there was a logging issue with Google search data for images. Google has warned that this logging issue could lead to lower image search performance data, which will actually lead to lower clicks and impressions in your Google Search Console reports.

However, it’s not all bad news. Although there is a problem with the image search performance data. this will only be recognized in reports and will not impact your website rankings or traffic. Google is continuing to investigate the issue, and at this time Google said “they are still working to resolve this issue.”

People Search Next – The new Google Mobile search feature

Do you ever open your phone, go to Google and search for a store or product followed by “near me”? If so, Google has launched a brand new feature for this exact action in its mobile search results and it’s called “People Search Next”.

People Search Next is Google’s new feature to help people easily view popular “next” searches that are relevant to what they are looking for. This does not replace any other functionality, but is considered an addition to currently active Google search features, such as People Also Ask and Related Searches.

That concludes this week’s SEO Round-up! If you would like Oliver and the SEO team to assist you, contact us!