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Only 63% of small businesses invest in SEO

Visual Objects, a B2B guide to choosing the best creative services, found that almost half of small businesses (47%) do not have search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in their business.

Small businesses surveyed attribute their lag in SEO investment to the complexity of SEO strategies and the lack of immediacy of results from SEO efforts. However, 25% of small businesses plan to adopt SEO strategies in 2022 due to its long-term benefits.

Visual Objects surveyed 1,003 small business owners and executives to examine current SEO trends. This report reveals small business SEO confidence levels, preferred SEO software and tools, and overall SEO strategies.

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2022 Small Business SEO Results:

Here are the 2022 trends found by our team:

● Nearly half of small businesses (47%) are not currently investing in SEO. In 2021, more than a quarter of small businesses (27%) have started investing in SEO and twenty-five percent (25%) plan to do so in 2022.

  • Small businesses cite keyword research (43%), technical SEO optimization (40%) and local search optimization (37%) as top SEO tactics.
  • Twenty-one percent of small businesses (21%) believe that website engagement is the most important metric for tracking success.
  • Over 40% of small businesses use in-house SEO software and tools instead of hiring a third party.
  • Most small businesses (79%) are confident in their understanding of SEO best practices, despite the lack of SEO usage for many small businesses.

Aaron Grayco-founder of NO-BS Marketplace, an SEO platform, encourages small businesses to focus on SEO prioritization.

“SEO has huge reach…make improvements one at a time,” Gray said. “By focusing your efforts on a single pillar of SEO, such as technical development, you can end up with a faster, more mobile-friendly, and easier-to-index site or you can improve your on-site SEO by making incremental improvements .to your keyword usage and meta tags.”

Each of these SEO methods can be effectively implemented by an in-house team, which should motivate small businesses to increase their SEO investment.

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