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Ricola Offers A Breath Of Fresh Air With Park Seo Joon As Brand Ambassador

Ricola Singapore has appointed South Korean actor Park Seo Joon as its brand ambassador. Ricola started posting teasers of his park on his social media since February 25. The teasers included a rear view of Park, a recording of his voice, and a boomerang shot.

Ricola then released the big reveal yesterday (March 2). “Washing us with her charming roles and captivating looks, we are thrilled to announce the one and only Park Seo Jun as Ricola’s newest brand ambassador,” the post reads. Although Ricola didn’t detail Park’s involvement as a brand ambassador in the post, Ricola teased fans to keep their eyes peeled for updates very soon.

Park also starred in a Ricola commercial for Singapore and Malaysia, accelerating the ambassador announcement.

INTERACTIVE-MARKETING has contacted Ricola for comment.

Other brands in the region have also taken advantage of Park’s popularity to strengthen their position with consumers. Last October, Skechers appointed Park as its regional brand ambassador, with him spearheading the 2021/22 campaigns for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Macau. These are six key growth markets for the brand. According to Skechers, Park is not only an all-rounder with a strong work ethic, but his clean, down-to-earth and versatile personal style aligns with the brand’s long-standing brand equity of providing comfort. ultimate in style.

In February of the same year, South Korean home appliance brand SK magic signed Park as its brand ambassador in Malaysia for a year. Along with the announcement, the new tagline “Goodbye Old, Hello Magic” was unveiled, representing its commitment to becoming a better home appliance companion than before. According to SK Magic, Park was selected because of his charisma and attractive nature, as well as his belief that happiness should take center stage in everyone’s life. Additionally, the brand said Park has also demonstrated the value of continuously striving for improvements in his work throughout his career in the entertainment industry. With the two combined, Park is a perfect representation of SK magic’s 2021 vision to bring happiness into the daily lives of its consumers, the brand said.

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