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Ronn Torossian on Websites, SEO and Customer Experience

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 2, 2022 / — According Ronn Torossian, when most people walk into a store, they are usually greeted by a salesperson who is there to make sure the customer chooses the best possible solution based on their needs. This means that the seller takes the customer’s budget into consideration and answers any questions the customer may have during the buying process. It’s a simple way to describe the offline customer experience. Customer experience is simply how a company communicates with the public at every stage of the buying journey they go through. In the digital world, businesses have many more customer touchpoints, which means there are many more opportunities to communicate with the public, and businesses can improve their conversion rates as well as their revenue. if they focus on improving the customer experience on their websites.

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Social media platforms allow most e-commerce businesses to showcase their unique brand voices. Businesses do not need to have a dedicated person who will immediately oversee social media platforms, but every business should set aside some time each day to focus on social media, including responding to customer questions or concerns . and share its content. This way, businesses will be able to drive much more organic traffic to their website and improve the experience of their consumers.

Ronn Torossian says companies can easily build communities around their digital presence, which will be made up of groups of people who are big fans of the company and loyal to the company’s solutions. These members of this community will advocate for the company and its products, and one of the best ways for companies to grow these communities is through email marketing and social media efforts. The company can also encourage this small community to rate the company’s solutions and leave reviews on product pages and social media platforms. This way, more potential consumers will be convinced to make a purchase, and the company can keep them informed about the quality of its solutions, which improves the customer experience.

The goal of content marketing efforts is for businesses to help their target audiences with any issues they might have. This means businesses can create video content, blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and any other type of content related to the solutions the business provides to its customers. For example, if a business has an e-commerce store focused on selling shoes, they can create content that will give the target audience shoe tips for different events, current trends and fashion, tips and advice. on shoes, etc. However, it is important to plan in advance each piece of content that the company wants to create and distribute using a content calendar. Then the content can also be optimized for search engines, as well as social media platforms to reach even more people and improve the customer experience overall.

Ronn Torossian
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