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SE Ranking launches an online academy, making SEO accessible to all

PALO ALTO, California, December 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SE Ranking, a leading company in search engine optimization technology, launches SE Ranking Academy, an online learning platform for digital marketers and business owners.

SE Academy Ranking was created with the aim of making SEO accessible. Currently, Academy offers a comprehensive, well-structured SEO Basics course, which helps students learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization and teaches how to leverage SEO to promote business online. The course has been prepared by SEO experts and designed to be clear to everyone, regardless of their digital marketing background and experience. It can be useful for:

  • SEO aspirants who have no SEO experience and want to start a career in marketing.
  • Digital marketing who want to learn more about SEO and find out how to use that data for online marketing
  • Business owners, who run a business and want to start driving traffic from Google

The SEO Basic course provides a detailed explanation of all the nuances involved in optimizing websites for search engines and getting them high in search rankings. 6 hours of video are divided into over 40 easy-to-understand lessons. Users can go through 9 main topics step by step and get acquainted with basic SEO concepts and techniques, which can help them achieve their digital marketing goals. The course is currently available free to all. At the end of the course, all graduates receive a certificate of completion.

“We have put all the knowledge accumulated over the past 8 years into the SE Ranking Academy, where we team up with leading experts to provide a detailed step-by-step explanation of all the nuances of SEO,” said Bogdan babyak, marketing director at SE classification.

For more information on SE Ranking Academy, please send an email [email protected]

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