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Searchbloom wins Best SEO Initiative by Search Engine Land

Searchbloom partners with clients for whom they can generate significant returns on investment. Their promise to clients, whom they call partners, is to deliver strategies focused on ROI and bottom line results. Searchbloom’s winning strategy yielded outstanding results: the partner saw a 2,500% increase in keyword rankings, a 741% increase in revenue, and a 270% increase in ad conversions, among other successes .

These results contributed to the selection of Searchbloom as the best retail search marketing initiative. Cody Jensen, CEO and Founder of Searchbloom, shared his excitement over the award: “I’m thrilled that Searchbloom won a Landy this year, it’s a tribute to our amazing team and all their hard work on behalf of our partners. “

Although the effects of the pandemic will continue to be felt well into 2021, online marketing strategies have been key to success over the past year. Agencies, in-house marketing teams, and marketers have had to deliver exceptional work that helps clients stand out amid fierce competition.

Searchbloom is honored to be awarded the Best Ecommerce Search Marketing Initiative 2021 by Search Engine Land and plans to continue growing and supporting client-partners through analytical and methodical SEO and PPC efforts.

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Searchbloom provides industry-leading search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to businesses to improve their revenue. Its mission is to be the most trusted, transparent and results-driven SEO and PPC marketing company in the industry.

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