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SEO agency sheds light on expansion plans | South East Business News

Reading-Based SEO Agency Seeks to Post Solid Revenue Increase in 2022, Founder Says Initiated, light also being shed on the plans for the expansion company in Manchester.

Blue Array was founded in 2015 and specializes in education, software and training, SEO recruiting, and technical SEO.

Its clients include Zoopla, Floom and GoCardless.

Last year, Blue Array announced plans to expand to Manchester with a four-person team tasked with establishing a hub in the north.

Talk to Initiated, founder Simon Schnieders noted that the planned new location “will give us access to the enormous amount of existing and untapped SEO talent that Manchester has to offer.”

“We have already successfully recruited two new talented individuals and look forward to welcoming two more to our new Nordic location,” he said. “We will continue to support the company with a strong management team, although we have no geographic affinity with this goal.

“We are very keen to provide the team with opportunities to escape working from home if the desire is there. Whether it’s from the head office in Reading, a partner office in Manchester or co-working spaces across the country. “

Looking ahead, Schnieders outlined his vision for the next 12 months.

“A good 2022 would be a team of 85, with 10% of our team based in the North,” he said. “We are aiming for 40% growth in revenue next year, £ 5.5million in revenue and 20% EBITDA.”