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SEO Agency Stridec Recommends Top 3 SEO Strategies for B2B Businesses in 2022

Businesses need to be strategic about how they do their SEO in order to get impactful results fast.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – May 10, 2022 – Stridec Worldwide (“Stridec”), named by Clutch as one of Singapore’s Best SEO Agencies for 2021, is helping more brands and B2B businesses find themselves online to generate more of traffic, customers and revenue, recommending the 3 best SEO strategies for 2022.

In the context of a global economy struggling to recover from 2 years of pandemic and the persistent challenges caused by the ongoing conflict in Europe, B2B companies definitely have all the odds on their side with rising operational costs and a reduced access to markets and resources.

On the marketing front, B2B companies can’t afford to waste time and money needlessly on “spray and pray” methods that yield little or no potential interest or conversions. More and more businesses are realizing this and have begun to increasingly look to search engine optimization (SEO) as a primary driver for business acquisition in the future.

However, the practice of search engine optimization has always been shrouded in myths, half-truths, and misconceptions; and it’s easy for companies to get distracted by fancy techniques or “hacks” and spend their energy on activities that don’t further their SEO goals.

To help B2B companies stay focused and work on the key elements that will have the most significant impact on their search engine rankings, Stridec recommends the following 3 best strategies:

1. Answer questions directly on key web pages

The primary goal of a search engine like Google is to return the most relevant results to a user’s query and most B2B queries are questions or issues that need an answer or solution.

By providing clear and precise answers directly on their websites, companies signal to search engines that they are better informed, better informed and prepared than the competition to provide answers to what Internet users are asking for, thus deserving to be rewarded with higher rankings and visibility. on search results.

The best thing about this strategy is that an overwhelming majority of B2B companies don’t; preferring to just give minimal and often abstract marketing copy on their websites, and relying on the sales team to do the heavy lifting of lead acquisition.

So any company that takes the trouble to do so would be rewarded with an immediate increase in relevance and authority, in the eyes of search engines and potential audiences, respectively.

It’s an effective quick win that produces quick results and is usually the cornerstone of the overall SEO strategy that Stridec recommends for any business right from the start.

Using this strategy, Stridec was able to help a service provider offering corporate training in Singapore to get their website taken over by Google and start ranking within days of implementation.

2. Optimize key page titles

The title of a webpage is the most important element on the page because it tells search engines what the webpage is about. Its importance in achieving strong SEO performance cannot be overstated.

However, since it is not displayed directly on the web pages themselves and is barely noticeable on the web browser tab, most businesses don’t even realize they exist, let alone optimize for SEO.

It is recommended to include the main keyword related to the web page in the title text and place it as close to the beginning of the title as possible. A secondary keyword can be added to the title, but avoid making it unnatural, repetitive, or suspicious of keyword stuffing, a practice frowned upon by Google that can lead to lower rankings.

Using this approach, Stridec was able to help a security company gain higher rankings and search visibility for their CCTV camera surveillance system and vault solutions.

3. Invest in a disciplined link building process

Backlinks, defined as links from other websites pointing to one’s own website, have been and continue to be one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking well on Google.

Generally, the more links pointing to its website, the more likely it is that the website can rank higher and above the competition on its target keywords.

But not all backlinks are created equal, and some may even do more harm than good. Whether the backlink comes from a website in a related or relevant industry, an authoritative and well-regarded site, or a popular and well-traveled blog, has implications for the effectiveness and extent of the promotion of SEO ranking.

Successful link building requires proper research and planning with a clear and actionable acquisition roadmap, but B2B companies typically lack the expertise and resources to perform link building strategically on their own. and sustainable.

Companies are recommended to leave link building activities to the experts and hire proven SEO agencies such as Stridec to handle the process on their behalf.

This strategy helped a forklift rental company in Singapore to rank #1 on the first page of Google search results for its target keywords within 3 months and stay on top.

Play smart and play strategically

“There are many factors that influence SEO success, but not all factors have a significant impact,” explained Mr. Alva Chew, Senior SEO Consultant at Stridec. “It’s important for companies to play smart and focus their energies and resources on the select few factors that really make a difference to their search visibility so they can achieve their goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. “.

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