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Slothi offers SEO training for small business owners

Slothi is on a mission to provide small business owners in the United States with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to present them to their customers on Google. SEO training is divided into modules to facilitate learning and understanding.

Slothi’s mission is to help 5,000 small business owners show up to their clients on Google by providing affordable SEO training. During the training, business owners are equipped to implement realistic SEO strategies, generate more leads, and rank on Google.

Slothi comprises a group of professionals who share similar core values ​​and a passion for small business. For them, all businesses deserve to be found on Google, whether a business owner can afford an SEO agency or not. For that reason, they’ve created easy-to-understand instructional videos and other learning materials that local and e-commerce businesses can use to grow organic searches in 2022.

The team at Slothi teaches in a hands-on, fun, and simple way to ensure that every client has the tools they need to turn their websites into revenue-generating machines. Knowing that business owners need to dedicate their time to building their business, the courses are divided into 10-minute modules and are designed by their LAM (Learn, Do, Measure) system.

To get started, business owners should complete the modular SEO training the team has put together. The training uses simple language, is short, informative and practical, perfect for clients who have no knowledge of the internet or SEO.

Slothi believes that without properly applying what they learn, business owners will miss out on the wonders of SEO. For this reason, the training modules are built with easy-to-follow worksheets and actionable steps that a client can follow after completion. After learning and putting his knowledge into practice, Slothi teaches business owners the steps to track their results.

Throughout his career, Arpad Balogh has created over 500 SEO strategies for small business owners. Once he realized there were similarities in strategies, he decided to start Slothi to help business owners generate more customers and improve website traffic. Arpad Balogh is an SEO expert, strategist and digital marketing expert with over 8 years of experience in the local business growth industry.

In addition to creating instructional videos on SEO, Arpad has written insightful articles to guide, educate and empower its clients, regardless of business type. It has topics on Link Farm Definition/Explanation, Gray SEO, Advocate SEO, Saas SEO, Irrelevant Content in SEO, Rank Lags with SEO, Pagination, keyword stuffing, the principles of a web crawler, and marketing ideas for small business owners.

To take actionable and affordable SEO training, visit the company’s website to join the waitlist. Slothi is located at Derek Street 53 1/2, Debrecen, Hajdu Bihar, 4031, HU.

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