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Orlando, December 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – SEO agency Surchability provides online marketing services to drug addiction and drug treatment centers nationwide. The company offers a holistic and cohesive strategy that utilizes technical SEO, organic SEO, and local SEO combined with content marketing and marketing automation to deliver cutting-edge results to its many clients.

Drug addiction and drug treatment centers provide an essential service to the many local communities they serve across the country. It is estimated that more than 10 million people aged 12 or older abused opioids in 2019. In the same year, according to CDC statistics, more than 70,000 people died from drug overdoses. Experts have been sounding the alarm bells for years and they unanimously recognize the need for more drug treatment and mental health facilities to make a difference in the lives of the local population. most vulnerable in the country. However, there are not enough incentives to start an even less profitable drug and drug treatment center. In fact, those who aspire to serve their communities often have to go through several steps to establish a profitable business. Online marketing is one of the main ways for these drug treatment centers to find leads. However, there are several hurdles to overcome in the business, so much so that the whole business hangs over the founders who may have the best intentions.

The main problem is building trust in the industry. The industry standard approach is to seek certification from LegitScripts, an Oregon-based internet compliance and payments company that provides merchant monitoring, platform monitoring, and certification services across industries. at high risk. Once certification is complete, which can be quite expensive, the next step in the traditional approach is to invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on platforms such as Google and Facebook. This approach can rack up huge bills for the drug treatment center in no time. There are also plenty of fraudulent companies operating in the space that prey on fledgling businesses and peddle techniques that are unethical at best and illegal at worst. Surchability cuts the noise by offering a hybrid approach that uses industry best practices to achieve concrete results for its clientele that go a long way in building a well-known and enduring brand in the drug addiction and treatment industry. .

A spokesperson for Surchability talks about the services it offers, saying, “We realize that those who run addiction centers are trying to do something legitimately positive for their community and to shake things up when it comes to substance abuse. to fight against the drug addiction crisis in the country. In our experience, once you start your business, if you don’t pay attention to the marketing aspects, you’re going to have a hard time responding to your census. Even if you step into the digital online marketing ring, you are going to face major players who have millions of marketing dollars behind them. You will be forced to pay their referral fees, accept the meager traffic you manage to collect for yourself, or you may have to resort to sketchy companies that practice blackhat SEO techniques that bring in bad leads. quality. Even after you manage to find a patient, you will have to fight to comply with regulations put in place by insurance companies that aggressively crack down on situations that may or may not qualify. The challenge of digital marketing is compounded by the fact that Google’s algorithms regularly undergo major changes, making the task of maintaining its brand and online presence a full-time challenge. Our approach eschews techniques used by the most unscrupulous players in this industry and instead aims to make your business the # 1 drug treatment center in your specific geographic area, while giving Google what it wants. . We’ve helped hundreds of businesses with the same approach with over a decade of professional digital marketing experience. So if you’re having a hard time drawing attention to your addiction center, call the experts at Surchability today.

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