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The 5 Biggest SEO and Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make Online

Strong improvement in organic traffic and keywords after a successful SEO audit

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Examples of rankings after a successful SEO audit

Examples of rankings after a successful SEO audit

After conducting dozens of SEO audits over the past 2 years, here are the top technical mistakes webmasters still make.

If you want to rank certain words (your products or services), you should write about them). Google ranks content.

— Ramona Jar, owner of SEO Audit Pros

FRESH MEADOWS, NEW YORK, USA, April 5, 2022 / — SEO audits are a surefire way for a business to understand how its online marketing work stacks up against its competitors. SEO audit experts is a New York-based SEO agency specializing in website audits and local SEO.

After conducting dozens of audits for a wide range of industries and business sizes, here are the biggest SEO mistakes webmasters make:

1. Indexing issues, unwanted template pages left by developers

With Google announcing that they no longer index every page on a website, webmasters need to be careful which pages they push for indexing and ranking. 90% of audited websites still showed “staging” or “development” directories left by web designers, template pages with “lorem ipsum” information, and many other useless pages.

If you have a limited “crawl budget” and are still viewing these unwanted pages, it is likely that these pages will be indexed and your content pages will be ignored.

2. Websites Left at “No Index”

Another mistake made by web designers without SEO training is to leave the client’s website “without indexing”, although they have completed the design work and made the website public. Usually, when building a website for weeks or months, it is common to block the website from search engines, so that Google, Bing and others do not index these pages until they are not ready.

As soon as the web development work is done, the websites should be set to “index”, otherwise they will never get organic traffic.

The worst case the SEO audit professionals had to deal with was a medical website left blocked from search engines for 3 years, while the client wondered why his website never showed up when he searched. his business online.

3. Content was not optimized for the right keywords

Ramona Jar, Chief SEO Audit Strategist and Business Owner at SEO Audit Pros, advises her clients that “if you want to rank for certain words (your products or services), you need to write about them. Google classifies the content”.

A large portion of business websites audited over the past 2 years (small brochure websites or huge medical or fintech portals) had absolutely no keyword optimization or content focused on what people were actually looking for.

There were big websites with articles written DAILY that weren’t ranking for anything, because the owners were just producing content, without doing proper keyword research.

In this case, SEO Audit Pros prepared a keyword map for these pages, trying to assign the best keywords for each, then repurposed existing content to help the client rank for keywords. valuable and increase organic traffic.

4. Bad internal linking strategies

A great way for businesses to rank for “high demand” keywords is to create supporting content around secondary keywords, which are much easier to rank for, and then link to the ” money generators” of these articles.

Linking is done with optimized anchors and dofollow links. For example, if a company wanted to rank for “car accident doctor in New York”, they would write an article on “How soon after a car accident should you file a claim” and, inside this article, a link to the page she optimized for “New York car accident doctor”, using it as an anchor or “NYC auto accident doctor”, etc.

During SEO audits done, Ramona Jar noticed that many websites had blog posts with no links to other pages, the links (if they existed) were unfollowed or with anchors like “read more” or “our company”.

This type of non-optimized link is good for backlinking campaigns (when other websites link to the client’s webpage), but internally clients are advised to use well-optimized link structures and links.

5. Completely Unoptimized Google My Business Listings

Most of the SEO Audit Pros companies handled in the past 2 years also had offices in the United States. In this case, businesses need to have a properly optimized GMB (Google My Business).

73% of businesses that commissioned SEO audits had poorly optimized listings on Google Maps.

This means many missed opportunities because local SEO is a surefire way for any business to compete in its field. A well-optimized listing (services, messages, images, displaying appropriate information, attracting real reviews, etc.) can boost lead generation, even for very small businesses.

These would be, in short, some of the most common SEO mistakes businesses are still making in 2022.

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