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The Benefits of Reputation Management in SEO

Find out how reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) combine to create a better online presence.

Online reputation management is crucial for any business, big or small. It’s a constant and continuous effort to maintain your favorite image in the digital space.

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BOZEMAN, MT, USA, September 6, 2022 / — reputation management is an often overlooked part of search engine optimization (SEO).


Reputation management is usually associated with traditional marketing practices – think expertly designed logos, attendance at networking events, and public relations.

Online reputation management is crucial for any business, big or small. Maintaining a favorite image in a digital space is a constant and ongoing effort.

As it turns out, reputation management in SEO is a mix of traditional and digital marketing tactics — it’s the process of creating and shaping the narrative that surrounds a brand.

A strong reputation management campaign can accelerate business growth. A bad reputation management campaign can be a red flag for consumers—91% of customers claim to have read reviews before purchasing. Large time gaps between reviews, negative reviews, and low review counts will often drive customers away.

Good reputation management demonstrates two main things:

Customer thoughts and concerns matter
The business is healthy and here to stay

Here are some of the best practices for maintaining a healthy online reputation: update the Google Business Profile (GBP) with current information and posts, ask for reviews, monitor non-Google review sites, create an active presence on social networks, optimize search engines (SEO). site and run visibility-focused PPC campaigns.

Plus, maintain consistent engagement with critics and highlight the positives, keeping the brand narrative front and center. Maintaining a focused online presence shows commitment to the company and its customers. Finally, don’t forget about SEO and PPC: visibility in reputation management is paramount.

Online reputation management campaigns are ongoing efforts, just like SEO. Many people are too busy to give their company’s reputation the attention it deserves, so it’s comforting to know that there is help available. Do not hesitate to contact experts in online reputation management and digital marketing if you need help.

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