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Kasasa Marketing Director on current financial marketing trends

Kasasa is a financial services provider that sells marketing products and technologies to small banks and credit unions. For this week’s briefing, I sat down with Keith Brannan, the company’s CMO, to talk about some of the biggest marketing trends and challenges he currently sees in the industry among major incumbents, fintechs, community banks and credit unions.

A product-driven mindset is what becomes most productive

“I think one of the things that comes to mind is a consumer buying behavior mentality that favors the product.

If you think about how you shop today, you’re probably rarely going to look for something’s brand or company that’s going to carry it. You probably won’t go to the Kroger website, say, unless you actually shop there.

And so people have become very product-oriented in their buying behavior. And that’s a really big change for a lot of banks, credit unions, and financial services in general — even mutual funds and insurance. It’s very different from that big-brand approach that most financial services companies have had in the past – and a very different approach for smaller institutions that relied on local brand presence to maintain market viability and really stimulate their growth.

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