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The differences and why they matter

When a business begins to grow, it makes sense to bring in an outside agency. You need help, fast, and you don’t have time to build your own team. You need a machine ready and ready to go, so it makes sense to turn to this third-party agency (if only for a little while). This is where the tricky part comes in: either you hire an SEO agency or a content marketing agency, or you try to find one that claims to be both.

What’s so tricky about this concept is the idea that the two are often used synonymously, so many business owners don’t even realize there’s a difference. Once you learn this, it hits you like a ton of bricks: how am I going to know which agency is going to give me the best results for my business?

Differences Between an SEO Agency and a Content Marketing Agency Explained

Before we weigh the pros and cons of each type of agency, it’s important to understand how they differ (and how they’re alike) in the first place. Below are the definitions of the two different types of corporations:

  • SEO agency. These agencies typically focus on data and metrics in the research world. It involves calculating visibility and traffic as well as finding trends in user behavior so that the company can create the best possible content. SEO agencies spend a lot of time doing keyword research to understand how to optimize a piece of content to appear at the top of a Google SERP (usually by looking at search volume and competition for certain terms/ phrases).
  • Content Marketing Agency. A content marketing agency will think about your business and how it is structured (ex: buying cycle), and write content based on what will help your audience the most. It doesn’t focus so much on research analysis, but rather emphasizes how things are written and why they are written that way (hint: articles are written in a way that encourages commitment and education). In many cases, a content marketing agency will do whatever it takes to really market that content and make it the most relevant, which also means offline efforts.

So what exactly are the differences? Simply put, the main difference is that SEO makes its decisions based on research-driven data and analytics, while a content marketing agency makes its decisions based on more search-driven data. audience and general knowledge about content creation.

And what about the similarities? Both agencies use data to help create the best possible content. In fact, SEO and content marketing should work together because they overlap. The data found by an SEO agency should be able to help content marketers and vice versa. Does this mean your business should hire both an SEO agency and a content marketing agency? Not necessarily.

How to Determine the Right Agency for Your Business

The type of agency you hire should depend on your business needs (obviously). In most cases, the work of a content marketing agency comes first. You want to understand your audience and the buying cycle and figure out how to create this amazing content. It’s after that that you want your content to become really visible, and that’s where SEO comes in.

A few things to keep in mind: First of all, and as stated above, there are many companies and types of businesses you can work with when it comes to online marketing. SEO and content marketing aren’t your only choices; they are just two choices that are often badly mixed into one. Second, it makes sense to use either A). An SEO agency and a content marketing agency, or B). An agency that claims to do both SEO and content marketing services.

Have you ever worked with an SEO agency and/or a content marketing agency? What have you found works best for your business needs? Let us know your story and thoughts in the comments below.

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