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The Serpstat SEO tool now allows you to optimize your website with ease!

Optimizing your site to gain more visitors has never been easier, thanks to the SEO tools available online. For a reasonable amount of services, there are also free SEO tools that startups can use. Even so, what matters most is that businesses or personal websites can access and analyze the data to help improve their online performance.

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With a competitive SEO tool, the data collected will also serve as a sales funnel, enticing visitors to visit the website and increase sales. For starters, businesses and individuals on their way to this should equip themselves with the best SEO tools, like Serpstat.


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What is an SEO tool like Serpstat?

Serpstat was created in 2013 primarily as a keyword research tool. Their services continue to grow and improve over time. It started out as internal software before becoming an independent product. Now Serpstat is poised to become the world leader in other free SEO tools.

In 2016, just three years after its inception, Serpstat officially became an all-in-one SEO platform offering five essential tools to help digital marketing professionals around the world.

The creators of Serpstat aim to increase the productivity of search marketers and enable companies to outperform their competitors in terms of profit.

For this reason, Serpstat now has more than 200,000 professionals using their products and more than 10 million requests processed every day.

As a leading SEO platform, Serpstat is already crowned as the best-selling SEO tool of all time by Appsumo.

Despite many accolades, Serpstat’s mission remains – to become the one tool you will ever need for both SEO and digital marketing.

The competitive advantage of Serpstat over other SEO tools is that they do not offer limited services. They have a plethora of options to encourage companies to outperform their competition.

It is still considered to be the best among free SEO tools, the ones that don’t require subscription to premium services even as a SEO checker alone.

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How SEO tools like Serpstat work

Serpstat has proven to be more than a keyword tool with their services offered to professionals. Among SEO tools, this is the only platform that provides stacks of features.

Keyword grouping tool

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The Keyword Clustering tool organizes groups of keywords with the same meaning.

Keyword research tools

Serpstat’s huge keyword database collects the semantics of a website with metrics like keyword volume, popularity, competition, and difficulty. Regional search results and websites of competitors in specific industries form the primary basis for keyword collection and analysis.

Serpstat can search and analyze 100,000 keywords and a list of domains across 18 metrics.

Rankings Tracker

Serpstat can verify domain search results, whether organic or paid. Businesses can also get daily, weekly, or monthly reports automatically or on a schedule.

Competitor analysis tools

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Competitor Analysis Tool lists the most popular competitor’s web pages and analyzes the keywords they use, as well as page visibility and relevance.

Competitor analysis tools

Serpstat’s Competitor Analysis Tool searches for competitors online. Competitor Analysis collects and analyzes the most popular pages of competitor websites. It also includes the keywords they are using for the promotion.

The SEO tool can also spy on advertisements that bring in sales to competitors, in addition to identifying the estimated budget and organic traffic present on the site.

Contextual advertising analysis

Based on the results of ad analysis, competitor landing pages and keywords, pay per click or PPC tools help specialists work well with ad managers.

Analysis of backlinks

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The Backlink Analysis tool examines a website’s backlinks to gauge its performance while identifying malicious links.

Backlink analysis tools

Among all the SEO tools, Serpstat is among the only five to have their backlink analysis tool. This particular tool examines backlinks, anchors, and link donors. The tool also identifies malicious links from your domain and that of your competitors.

The backlink analysis tool can also participate in the analysis of your competitors as it tracks all the changes in the link profile connected to their domains.

Site audit tool

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The site audit tool shows how visible and optimized a website is every two days.

Site audit tools

Site audit tools allow you to spot technical issues that could affect your site’s visibility and optimization. Serpstat displays the results of the audit by priority, including recommendations for eliminating problems.

Page audit tool

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The Page Audit Tool displays issues on a website in the categories of high, medium, and low priority.

Page audit tools

With a page audit tool, the errors displayed by the analyzed page will be determined within minutes. Recommendations will also be given to correct them. This tool allows you to analyze your competitor’s page and compare its level of optimization with a site similar to yours.

Keyword grouping tool

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The Keyword Clustering tool organizes groups of keywords with the same meaning.

Keyword grouping tools

Another unique feature of Serpstat is its keyword grouping. It automatically groups large volumes of keywords so that you can compose the right structure for your site. The clustering tool helps to group keywords with the same meaning to improve semantic search.

Text analysis tools

Text Analysis performs a full text analysis of any page content so that it can be optimized for SEO as well as readers.

On the one hand, these tools are accompanied by other services that facilitate the management of all the analyzed data. In addition to these features that the SEO tool has, Serpstat also gives you access to checklists, custom reports, SERP crawl service for search engine results page, crawl service search volume, team management, and white-label reports for project notifications.


  • Collects semantics

  • Performs clustering

  • Perform an audit

  • Analyze competitors

  • Monitor rankings daily

  • Checks and analyzes backlinks

  • Includes over 30 tools for SEO and PPC professionals

  • Enables marketing experts and large digital agencies to perform a full site analysis

The inconvenients

In a pool of free SEO tools, Serpstat offers services that outperform other tools. At the same time, they also highlight unique services like backlink and keyword clustering tools that no other SEO tool has.

In addition, in addition to the key tools mentioned, Serpstat can also work as the best alternative to your favorite sites. Serpstat can even substitute for Alexa, as well as other software for your project management, in terms of solving problems carried by large or small agencies.

SEO agencies, business owners, ecommerce, SaaS, internal SEO teams, and even the media can benefit from Serpstat. Startups can try out what the free SEO tool offers by signing up to their freemium model.


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Why Serpstat is the best SEO tool for your website

Serpstat is what you will need to optimize your website and generate sales for your businesses along with other free SEO tools. Armed with other useful features, Serpstat will start your journey with ease.

All you have to do is purchase Serpstat with a plan of your choice. Then let the platform do the work to help you optimize your site. Take the opportunity to discover their more than 30 tools with other management parameters to help you organize your data.

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