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Travel referral agency – AccuraCast

Travel referral agency – AccuraCast

Using 100% ethical SEO techniques and targeted public relations to secure high quality backlinks, we deliver consistent results for some of the world’s most famous travel brands, from airlines to hotel groups.

Travel and hospitality brands we work with

For an industry with long conversion paths, effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to add value and presence in as many places as possible …

In the competitive arena of travel and tourism, a solid foundation of search engine optimization will form a cohesive foundation for any marketing strategy.

Our approach is to take a strategy that we know works – from our partnerships with global travel brands – and tailor it to each individual client, creating a tailored and proven SEO strategy. We back our SEO with measurable results and lasting value.

We spare no effort, combining in-depth technical SEO tailored to the travel industry with smart and engaging digital PR. The result is a proven track record of effective quantitative optimization for international brands of hotels, airlines, tourism and hospitality.

Be there with the right answer to the right questions

The average consumer creates hundreds, if not thousands of digital touchpoints when planning a getaway. They can visit dozens of websites before and even after the purchase. Many of them will be searches done on search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, or Yandex. It’s our job to have a good understanding of where users are in this trip, whether it’s at the inspiration or booking stage.

We work with our clients to understand what their potential clients want and what are the right questions and keywords to optimize their websites. We help them develop the right answers and improve organic ranking positions to generate the required visibility on as many of these digital touchpoints as possible.

Use SEO to be found, wherever your customers are

Strong technical SEO is essential if brands want their website to be found. Our team performs a thorough audit and comes up with a practical improvement strategy. Because search engines and SEO are constantly evolving, we strive to keep up with the latest advancements in technical SEO so that you don’t have to.

Our audit will identify any areas where your website might be suffering from technical issues affecting the way search engines can crawl your site.

As search engines improve in crawling, indexing, and understanding information, they aren’t perfect, and it’s imperative that brands engage the right expertise to navigate the complications of technical SEO. We use all the tools at our disposal, such as the correct HTML schemas specific to travel and hospitality, to ensure that Google understands all the details of your products.

We have been working with AccuraCast for 2 years and are very satisfied with the work and the advice of our account manager!

Noémie Dumez – Pierre & Vacances

Tangible results of relevant links on authoritative sites

A lot has changed in SEO over the years, but the ability to report the value of your website to search engines and earn links from authoritative websites is more important than ever if you want to reach them. organic first ranks.

Our digital public relations experts are very experienced and well connected in the travel industry. This means we can create engaging and engaging content that journalists and professional publications actively promote and link to.

Leverage links and relationships to maximize visibility

Organic presence gives brands a degree of credibility and reliability that paid media cannot, while providing a more profitable and sustainable way to be found. Having the right external relationships to develop your inbound links is vital for organic success.

We have developed relationships with relevant travel and hospitality resources and partners, from industry bloggers to journalists and publishers, improving the ranking potential of businesses. From Lonely Planet to TripAdvisor, we’re experts in securing investments for our clients on some of the world’s most influential travel sites.

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