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Two Labs Lead Gen Adds 3 Gyms to Local SEO List of Fitness Clients

Two Labs LeadGen, a company offering a range of SEO services in Maryland, announced that it has added 3 new gyms to its growing list of fitness clients.

The company has successfully signed up Titan CrossFit, Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition, and Push511 Fitness over the past few months for its local SEO and lead generation services. Push511 also enlists Two Labs LeadGen for help with their Google Adwords strategy. Titan CrossFit originally signed on in October 2021 to integrate the company’s fitness niche-specific lead generation CRM BoxRanker and has been so successful that it recently decided to hire Two Labs LeadGen as its new agency to all web development, SEO and digital marketing. services.

The company has received encouraging feedback from its clients who wholeheartedly recommend the services of the SEO agency. A recent marketing strategy review that the company received on its Google My Business page states, “Ken from Two Labs LeadGen not only rebuilt my website in 10 days without any errors, but he also redid my entire Google SEO marketing strategy and it was implemented. work in less than 14 days. All this was done without any problems. Ken also set up a game-changing texting platform. We no longer need to contact prospects manually and many times, the platform automation takes care of all that. If you’re a “do it all” small business owner, let Ken from Two Labs take it off your hands and you won’t regret it. »

The aforementioned review refers to Ken Peluso, a digital marketing executive with over 25 years of experience in the field and founder of Two Labs LeadGen. He is also the owner of The Endurance Factory Fitness – Home of CrossFit TEF in Savage, MD. This ability to juggle the expertise required in two different worlds gives him the unique ability to merge his years of experience in digital marketing, SEO and software engineering with the knowledge and day-to-day hands-on experience of running a mortar Crossfit gym for almost 5 years.

Asked about his expertise in the field of fitness and wellness, Ken says, “I am well positioned to have a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, both in my personal and professional life. As such, I understand the thought process of the average fitness enthusiast and use that knowledge to craft digital marketing campaigns for my clients that deliver on their promise of staggering returns in business interest and traffic. pedestrian. I can help you take your gym or fitness center to the next level by finding you the ideal clientele who live nearby, who are a good fit with your on-site services and who will develop an affection for your brand that will encourage them to stay in the area. the thick and the thin. Once you get people through your doors, you will be able to increase your income and, as a result, improve the services you offer. It’s a self-fulfilling loop that can be very lucrative and I’m uniquely qualified to leverage my experience to get you those results. So if you run a gym or fitness center, call Two Labs LeadGen today and watch your membership soar.

The company also received a lead generation review on his Google My Business page from one of his former clients who states, “Two Labs LeadGen has revolutionized the way we grow and maintain our membership. In the first month we received 20 leads and all 20 were ready to sign up. The service not only helps us automate our connections and development processes, but also prepares prospects for what we offer at our gym. Now all of our incoming leads are ready to sign up and try us out. The platform is fully automated and ready to use. All we had to do was adjust some information to be unique to our gym. Customer service is amazing. Whenever we have questions, we can contact Two Labs LeadGen and get the help and advice we need. I recommend this service to all my fellow gym or small business owners. If you continue to respond to individual customers and nurture them through one-to-one and cumbersome email processes or if you deal with people who come in and don’t know what you’re offering, that’s something you have need. The time we’ve gained and the growth we’ve experienced is mind-boggling.

Two Labs LeadGen can be reached at telephone number (410) 781-1537. Business owners can also register on its website for a free audit of their web presence and digital marketing strategies.


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